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11 September 2018

FlexQube’s Most Popular Flow Racks

Flow Rack

Flow racks, gravity racks or first-in-first-out racks help bins, totes and boxes to flow from the back of the rack to the front. Gravity comes into play here as it naturally draws down the heavier bins, totes and boxes to the front for the operator to reach out to.

Flow racks are extremely easy to apply to your facility and make the task at hand for the operator much easier to complete. These racks are usually used in conjunction with 2 operators, one on either side of the rack. One of the operators or handlers will be re-stocking the totes, bins and boxes on one side of the rack making sure that the supply never runs low. On the other side of the rack this operator/handler will be completing the assembly along the assembly line. Removing the materials from the bins, totes and boxes and then placing the empty boxes in a return rack which easily slides to the operator in charge of re-supply.

These types of systems are perfectly suited within a lean manufacturing set-up and can greatly improve the efficiency along the assembly line. This type of rack saves much time in picking and sourcing of the products and is quite useful within a distribution supermarket.

Why Use a FlexQube Flow Rack?

The FlexQube Flow Rack solution is one of the most robust and heavy-duty solutions on the market. Many other flow rack solutions are created using a tube and joint system which isn’t as robust and sturdy as the FlexQube system. Even though a FlexQube Flow Rack is much more robust, this doesn’t take away from its flexibility. The FlexQube concept allows you to easily customize and re-design your carts/ racks to fit your work flows, materials and ergonomic standards.

Our Flow Racks can also have caster added to their base, which means you can easily re-locate your flow racks to match your ever-changing assembly lines and materials. By adding casters to your flow racks allows you to create a flexible factory set-up within your facility which allows re-arrangement to take place when needed.

On top of this FlexQube flow racks don’t only have to be a flow rack. Our solutions can have flat shelves, pull-out drawers, and return shelves added to any flow rack allowing you to create the optimal solution for your needs.

Below you can see FlexQube’s most popular Flow Racks.

FlexQube Material Handling presentation cart

Material Presentation Rack – Q-100-0456

This 1960 x 840mm material presentation rack has a modular ovcerhang, which makes it easier for the operators to access the materials. The two upper levels are equipped with rollers where the bins and boxes can be placed and along the bottom their is a shelf for empty containers. This solution comes equipped with casters, which means that this flow rack can easily be transported in your facility, helping create a dynamic factory environment.

FlexQube Material Handling flow cart with towbar

Towable Flow Rack – Q-100-0807

This 2660 x 1400 mm flow rack is equipped with 4 shelves which use rollers to help guide the bins, totes and boxes towards the operator. This cart is also equipped with a tow bar, so it can be towed by a tugger. This allows great flexibility in moving the flow rack within your facility to adapt to changing needs. This cart also comes equipped with a floor lock brake to keep the flow rack secure in place when not being transported throughout the facility.

Towable 3 Shelf Flow Rack – Q-100-0768

This 1260×700 mm 3 shelf flow rack is ideal for transporting a smaller number of bins, totes and boxes within your facility. This cart is equipped with 3 flow rack shelves equipped with rollers. The bottom 2 shelves are used as return shelves and the top shelf is used to present the materials. This flow rack is also equipped with casters and a tow bar, meaning it can be relocated within your facility and adapt to changing material flows.

FlexQube Material Handling flow rack with rollers

5 Shelf Flow Rack – Q-100-0846

This 1190 x 1610 mm flow rack is a heavy duty and modular rack which has 4 flow shelves used for the presentation of materials and bins, totes and boxes. The top shelf is used as a return rack of the bins, totes and boxes. This rack is very heavy duty and can hold heavy weights of differtent materials and is ideal to be used as a stand still racking station.

FlexQube Material Handling flow rack

4 Shelf Flow Rack – Q-100-0846

This 1820 x 1540 mm flow rack is similar to the previous rack. It comes equipped with 3 flow shelves used for presenting the materials and containers. The top shelf is used for the return of the materials. This cart is once a again a heavy duty and sturdy rack that is set at an ergonomic height.

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