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16 January 2018

FlexQube’s Top 5 Industrial Push Carts

Industrial push trolley by FlexQube

FlexQube’s Top 5 Industrial Push Carts

FlexQube industrial push carts can help your operators manually transport pallets, containers, hanging components and any other materials you need transported. Our flexible concept allows the push carts to be designed to manage whatever materials that need to be transported. Creating these easy to use, heavy duty and highly flexible industrial push carts isn’t always an easy task. But with the FlexQube modular system we are able to combine these three factors into highly ergonomic push cart solutions. Our push carts have loading capacity ranging from a few hundred kilos to over a tonne, so the size or weight of the load isn’t a problem when it comes using FlexQube push carts

If you’re on the lookout for new industrial push carts, here are FlexQube’s top 5 push carts. 

1. 50 x 47 Inch Pallet Cart – Q-100-0701

This 50 x 47 inch pallet cart can also be used to moving containers bins, and totes or boxes. It is equipped with a floor lock brake and an ergonomic handle bar for ease of use. 

Industrial push trolley by FlexQube

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2. 72 x 39 Inch Pallet Cart – Q-100-0902

This 72 x 39 inch pallet cart is without a flat deck so that it can be equipped with containers. This industrial push cart is equipped with an ergonomic handle bar & floor lock brake. 

Modular push cart by FlexQube

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3. 50 x 47 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0982

This tugger cart is equipped with a wire-release tow bar for improved ergonomics, the wire release is attached to the handlebar for ease of use to the operator. This cart is also equipped with a flat deck and floor lock brake and is most commonly used to transport pallets, containers, boxes & totes. 

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modular tugger cart with steel deck by FlexQube

4. 50 x 41 Inch Pallet Cart – Q-100-0647

This pallet cart is perfect for transporting heavy pallet loads. This cart is equipped with a 2 sided handle for the operator to push both ways. It is also equipped with a steel flat deck and is optimal for transporting pallets. 

Industiral push cart with steel deck by FlexQube

5. 50 x 41 Inch Pallet Push Trolley – Q-100-0713

This 50 x 41 inch is an industrial pallet trolley for moving & transporting pallets & containers. This cart is equipped with a floor lock brake, flat steel deck and handle bar. 

Industrial push cart by FlexQube

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The heavy duty and highly flexible FlexQube concept lets you design an industrial push cart to your specific needs. A push cart generally is used to help you to throw away, transport, life and re-position your materials in a safe & efficient manner. The FlexQube concept allows you do this while also providing a cost effective solution. If you are interested in any of the above solutions or you are looking for customized solution to suit your needs, contact us on [email protected] or sign up for a DesignOnDemand™ session. 

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