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Modular material handling carts

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MODULAR SOLUTIONS Streamline your operations.

We offer solutions to help you build world-class products. FlexQube supplies heavy-duty and modular material-handling carts designed to streamline your workflow and enhance efficiency and safety in your operation.

All our solutions are customizable and are easy to re-configure as your operations change over time.
Pallet Tugger Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm
Shelf Tugger Cart – 840 x 1680 mm
Hanger Cart - 2100 x 840 mm

Pallet Carts

Ideal for moving pallets and containers. Perfect for manual transportation as well as in a tugger train system. This is our most popular solution.

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Shelf Carts

Ideal for transporting small bins, totes and boxes on different levels. Flat shelves, angled shelves, extendable shelves, we’ve got the cart for you!

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Hanging Cart

Designed for transporting or presenting materials that need to be hung up, such as ropes, cables, wires, and more. Applicable for heavy materials.

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Carts for Totes, Bins & Boxes
Daughter Cart - 645 x 770 mm

Flow Carts

A flow cart uses gravity to aid in the flow of materials, components, and tools stored within totes, bins, and boxes.

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Mother-Daughter Carts

This cart consists of multiple daughter carts that are placed in a large mother cart frame.

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Kit Carts

Kit carts enable the manufacturing process to produce material kits and streamline workflows. All our carts can be customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Liftrunner mother daughter frames FlexQube
STILL LiftRunner

Tugger Train System

Since 2019 FlexQube is the exclusive distributor of Liftrunner products in North America and South Africa. The STILL LiftRunner tugger train system creates an efficient material flow for lean manufacturing. We can design any cart to fit the LiftRunner frames based on our flexible and modular cart designs.

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Each carts’ performance and functions are optimized for the right material and the people using them and they stand the test of time even in tough environments.

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FlexQube’s carts are designed using a step-by-step process with standardized choices. This makes it easy to develop quality-assured solutions that are easy to adjust and re-configure as your operations change.



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