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Two in 1 Mother Daughter Cart - Q-007-1250

This two in 1 mother-daughter cart was designed with custom shelves on the other side from the daughter carts. It was small enough to be placed close to the final products along the assembly line. It also came with a tow bar so that it could be transported within a tugger train system. This cart is a perfect example of how the FlexQube® concept can be altered to fit your needs & requirements.

The supply of small bins & boxes to the assembly line was not efficient.

Mobile solution was needed

There was a need to bring more containers at the same time to the assembly areas, but also to minimize the number of times operators handled the bins. The assemblers were also walking long distances between the assembled product and the line side to fetch material. Therefore a more mobile solution was needed.

A new cart setup was born

Using a large mother-daughter cart with shelves on one side and two daughter carts on the other side were born. The intention was to store bins with fasteners on the shelves, and the two smaller daughter carts could be packaged together and driven to the assembly line. The daughter carts could then be disconnected from the mother cart and brought closer to the operator while performing assembly work around the boom lifts.

JLG decided to reconfigure the mother carts in order to accommodate four small daughter carts instead of just two.

Valuable and flexibility to the customer

This meant that two on either side of the mother cart could be removed and placed closer to the assembly line. This showed how valuable the flexibility of the concept was to the customer, if not for the flexibility JLG would have had to have continued with only two daughter carts.

Reducing the amount of time

In each of the tugger trains, three mother carts were transported meaning a total of twelve small carts being hauled to the assembly line at the same time. Using these carts has allowed JLG to reduce the amount of time waiting for new materials greatly. Ensuring the operators don’t need to remove themselves from the assembly line to walk and collect more material.

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