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  • Does the eQart follow a magnetic line?

    No. The eQart has been developed to be as simple and user friendly as possible. Therefore, the line is just a regular colored tape. This keeps the implementation costs down, cuts the time needed and makes the overall process as simple as it should be.

  • How long is delivery time?

    At FlexQube we love to under promise and over deliver, and different factors can impact delivery times. We have manufacturing and distribution centers in Georgia, USA, and Sweden. From our warehouses, we can ship many of our more common and standard products as well as spare parts within a few days. Larger orders and prototypes for new solutions usually ship within 2-8 weeks.

  • Does it have to be the same color tape every time?

    No. The eQart can follow any line that provides a contrast to the floor it is driving on. On top of this, the line doesn’t have to be created using tape, and it could also be a painted line on your shop floor.

  • How often do the bolts need to be tightened?

    The bolts NEVER have to be tightened if they are attached correctly. So, when assembling your cart using the FlexQube method, please ensure you follow the instructions and assemble all building blocks exactly as shown.

  • Can we use our Caster supplier?

    We use a wide range of different caster models on our carts and they have been proven out over the 10 years we have been in business so we do know one or two things about casters. Hence, we recommend you use the casters we provide as we are also

    Able to offer great prices on these due to our purchasing volumes. However, if you require something specific from your own caster supplier or need to use special casters, attaching other casters can be done with little effort.

  • Can I customize any cart?

    Yes. All FlexQube carts can be customized to match your needs. It is easy to alter the top structure, change the transportation method or even create a brand new design to fit your requirements. The possibilities are endless.

  • On a shelf cart, how easily can I remove the shelves?

    The shelves on a shelf cart can be easily removed. You only need to remove the bolts that keep the shelf attached to the frame; it takes no more than 5 minutes. This means that you can easily alter the height of your shelves to match your materials and you aren’t stuck with the same height.

  • Do I have to use the tow bar the designed cart has attached?

    Yes, you need to use the tow bar that comes specially designed to match our carts.

  • What is the maximum load capacity?

    The maximum load capacity depends on the cart and its design. Our standard pallet and tugger carts can hold up to 1200 kg. Many factors need to be considered when determining the maximum load capacity of your design. Please contact one of our designers if you have a special request regarding one of our designs.

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