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FlexQube is the world’s first global and flexible concept for internal material handling carts. Instead of welding carts together you can use our concept to bolt carts and racks together. This makes them adjustable and possible to re-configure. We introduce our robust concept to the most globalized companies in the world that today use suppliers in an extremely fragmented market of similar equipment.


Tugger carts

Tugger carts are material handling carts that have the option of both being towed by a fork truck or tugger but also can be manually transported by an operator.

Explore Tugger carts

Liftrunner carts & frames

Within lean manufacturing and thinking, the tugger train system is a staple of creating an efficient flow of materials within your facility. The STILL Liftrunner system is one of the premier global tugger train systems, which can be easily adapted to a wide range of environments.

View Liftrunner carts & frames

Rotating Cart

Our rotating carts come with spinning decks that allow the cart to turn and bring the material closer to the operator.

View rotating carts

Carts with Rollers

FlexQube roller carts offer a reliable and convenient way to handle pallets & containers.

View Carts with rollers

Carts for Totes, Bins & Boxes

Carts ideal for transporting small bins, boxes, and totes within your facility.

View carts for Totes, bins & boxes

Small carts

Tool carts, small shelf carts and other types of smaller material handling carts by FlexQube are found in this category.

View small carts

Racks & Fixtures

Racks & Fixtures to hold and store your materials in your warehouse.

View Racks & Fixtures

Carts with compartments

Carts with pockets and compartments for easy access to materials.

View Carts with compartments

Kit Carts & Specialized Solutions

A kit-cart is most often used as a form of material presentation. Kitting carts are used in particular along assembly lines, workstations and service areas. Kit-carts allow the facility or factory to produce a kit of materials and tools to the assembler during the assembly time.

View Kit Carts

Mother-Daughter Solutions

A mother-daughter cart concept is a solution by which you can place smaller carts within a larger frame for more efficient use. A mother cart is a cart or frame that holds daughter carts within it, therefore creating a mother-daughter cart solution.

View Mother-Daughter Solutions

Pallet & Container Solutions

A pallet cart or flatbed trolley as they can be referred to is a standard piece of equipment used for transporting materials in either distribution or manufacturing environments.

View Pallet & Container Solutions

Flow Solutions

A flow rack uses gravity to aid in the flow of materials, components, and tools stored within totes, bins, and boxes. You are able to store the same amount of boxes and bins in a smaller amount of space, and your operators can use a first-in, first-out system for more natural material rotation.

View Flow Solutions

Hanging Solutions

A hanging cart is a cart designed transporting or presenting materials that need to be hung up, ropes, cables, wires, etc. These carts generally have sturdy tubes or poles pointing outwards on which the materials can be hung on.

View Hanging Solutions

Shelf Solutions

Shelf carts for manual handling or integrated into tugger trains or mother-daughter cart systems are a widespread application for material handling needs.

View Shelf Solutions

Introducing the AGV

A smart and motorized FlexQube cart. Motors, battery and cameras are added to a regular FlexQube cart.

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