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Cart Aftermarket

Overcoming the Challenge of Limited Space

To address the challenge of limited space and the need for increased operational flexibility, Bendiro implemented the FlexQube concept, which allowed them to easily adapt their existing cart to a more flexible tugger cart system. This new solution ensures that their transportation processes are more flexible and better suited for their current needs.

eQart AGV Waste Management

Eliminating foot traffic with accessible & user-friendly automation.

Signify was looking at eliminating much of the foot traffic that they had on their manufacturing floor.

Automotive Suppliers
Mitchell Plastics

Mitchell Plastics prioritizes safety with FlexQube AGV

FlexQube was able to provide a 50 x 50-inch AGV that was capable of towing a number of fully-loaded tugger carts. This replaced the need for a tugger and a driver and allowed the driver to focus on more valuable tasks.

Automated pallet transfer - Siemens gets started with automation!
Siemens Mobility

Siemens gets started with automation!

FlexQube licensed dealers McGee Storage & Handling, based in Atlanta, introduced the FlexQube team to the Siemens managers. Following this first introduction, FlexQube & McGee were able to present the AGV product to the Siemens team to solve the challenges they were facing.

Warehousing - FlexQube Carts (3)

FlexQube was able to help implement a fleet of robust & flexible carts. was facing the known challenge of everchanging products. Every transport could contain different sized and weighted products, which put pressure on the material handling carts. FlexQube was able to help implement a fleet of robust but still flexible carts in their facility quickly.

Industrial Equipment

DANA achieved their goals and are ready to meet future challenges with the AGV

DANA in Mexico, is a world-leading manufacturer and distributor of automotive front and rear axles. They had been looking to develop their intralogistics processes and increase internal efficiency. By replacing old and out-dated industrial carts with our AGVs, they achieved their goals and are ready to meet future challenges.

Shelf carts at Autoliv

Using high-quality carts to reduce downtime at Autoliv in Mexico

Autoliv purchased many different applications ranging from shelf carts, mother-daughter system (4 in 1)  for small boxes and totes as well as container carts for their 48×45 inch containers, 32 x 30-inch containers as well as other more special sized containers.

Investor relations Proterra FlexQube

FlexQube created what Proterra needed — a flexible fleet of material handling carts.

In order to create a more efficient and sustainable material handling in the new facilities, Proterra saw the benefits of leaving welded and unflexible carts behind. The FlexQube concept made it possible for Proterra to achieve the above. 

Windpower & Energy
The FlexQube concept lets ABB re-design their carts

The FlexQube concept lets ABB re-design their carts

ABB totally changed some of their existing shelf carts to make their delivery process more simple.

Industrial Equipment
Fabricating industry leading tractors with AGCO

Fabricating industry leading tractors with AGCO

FlexQube helped AGCO improve their production efficiency by implementing heavy-duty & flexible carts.

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