Ponsse chooses FlexQube to help provide flexible & smooth production

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Ponsse chooses FlexQube to help provide flexible & smooth production

“The aim was to ensure smooth and flexible production as well as occupational safety and well-being, while improving productivity. The guiding principle was that quality would under no circumstances be compromised”

With the goal to become the world’s most modern forest machine factory

In order to achieve a smoother and more flexible production, three different kit carts were implemented on the shop floor. Flexibility was created by having the option to integrate the kit carts with a tugger train system. The flexibility, customization, and certainty a tugger train systems bring to manufacturing could not be overlooked and was, therefore, the right option for Ponsse in this case.

Overall, Ponsse implemented over 300 carts from FlexQube. All carts are equipped with high-quality polyurethane casters and rubber carpets for a more secure and trouble-free transportation and material handling.

Ponsse chooses FlexQube to help provide flexible & smooth production
FlexQube shelf carts at Ponsse

The road forward

Inspiration was taken from the automotive industry to have a high pace sequence delivery. The materials are now managed through the automated warehouse to improve the ergonomics and efficiency in delivery significantly. Allowing the parts to move swiftly through the warehouse and then be kitted on our FlexQube carts that are parked nearby. The tugger train then picks up 2-6 demanded carts and delivers the parts to the assembly station.

“The flexibility and modularity of FlexQube’s product concept, the vision of the company and proactive methods and attitude in design and collaboration convinced us that FlexQube is the correct partner choice”

Project Manager at Ponsse Vieremä

FlexQube carts at Ponsse
FlexQube carts covered up at a Ponsse facility
Ponsse Manufacturing Line

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