AGCO has a need for a strong and flexible system


Lot of variations
To develop such high-quality tractors & industrial equipment, AGCO has quite a lot of variation within their production process. Because of this a flexible system like the FlexQube® concept is needed to keep up with the production process. Our carts were selected because of their robustness and this flexibility.

Improving Efficiency
Our carts were used in a number of ways within the AGCO facility, we were able to provide heavy-duty shelf carts that were transported using the LiftRunner E-Frames. Using the LiftRunner frames made it easier to drop the carts off at different production areas. It also reduced the wear and tear on the material handling carts. We also provided a number of different design ideas for improving efficiency throughout the facility. Different workstations with shadow boards & carts with tow bars were created to overhaul much of the production process.

"It's just great! It rolls easy no matter how many parts you put on it."

Welder at the AGCO facility

AGCO thrilled with the
functionality & performance

All of the FlexQube carts are constantly changed and always being changed and edited by the staff at AGCO. This is because there are endless ways that different materials can be transported in a more ergonomic manner.

Since 2013

AGCO has been using these carts and the FlexQube® concept since 2013 and has been thrilled with its functionality & performance. With one welder at the facility going on to say “I think it is just great! It rolls easy no matter how many parts you put on it.”

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