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FlexQube carts with compartments

FlexQube compartment carts can be used to maximize convenience for assembly line operators. Add the needed space and layout of the compartments for easy access and complete overview of the inventory. The carts are easily transported between work stations thanks to sturdy and reliable casters. The FlexQube concept also allows you to totally customize these carts to whatever size you need the cart and the compartments. This makes it easier in the future to edit the carts when your materials change. Our compartment carts are also compatible with the STILL Liftrunner system.

FlexQube compartment cart at a customer
Compartment cart 1260 x 840 mm
Cart in focus

Compartment cart - 1260 x 840 mm - Q-100-0311

Specially designed compartment cart for transporting smaller materials. This cart was designed to place smaller materials into the slots. This makes it easier for the operators to access the materials along the assembly line. This cart is similar to Q-100-0305.

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