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28 August 2018

FlexQube Is Thrilled to Welcome Elin Leander to our HR Department!

Elin Leander

Elin Leander

HR & Accounting Administrator

FlexQube HR manager Elin Leander

FlexQube is proud to welcome Elin Leander to the growing team in Gothenburg at the FlexQube HQ. Elin will be joining us within our HR department and will have a major impact on the employee’s both at the HQ and globally. Elin joined us right in the middle of our annual strategy week so she was thrown right into meeting all of the FlexQube team from around the world. She was able to manage this easily and was quick to point out some quick fixes within HR that we were able to implement immediately.

Elin’s responsibilities will include to reach out and find the best new talents to bring into the rapidly expanding FlexQube team. Elin will also be helping out the accounting department with their growing list of responsibilities.

Elin is coming to us from the global management consulting firm Triathlon Group, where she worked as a recruitment assistant. She also comes to us with experience from the Volvo Group working within HR there as well.

As we do with all new employee’s we were able to sit down with Elin and ask her a few short questions about joining the FlexQube team.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team as a whole?

I have a strong eagerness and dedication to make sure that all my colleagues have what they need to perform at their peak. For a fast growing company like FlexQube a big challenge will be to maintain communication and a strong cohesion between the departments and offices. I love to work in teams and have a great drive to learn and I think these qualities will help me maintain and develop the cohesion and communication between all departments.

What do you think about the FlexQube product/concept?

I think that it’s a unique and smart concept that is perfect timing for the industry right now! I am most impressed with how the solutions can be customized for the customers’ needs and it has a very clear process and structure.

How do you think your experience within HR will be able to help FlexQube and our customers?

With my proven experience in HR I believe I can help in finding and attracting new talents that will work hard and provide the best possible service to our existing customers. I also see that if I can help take care of the existing employees we have and improve communication and cohesion, then this will add value to our customers. If my colleagues are happy than they are proud of the company, they work for and then in turn they should deliver excellent customer service.

You can reach Elin Leander at [email protected]

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