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12 September 2018

FlexQube is Delighted to Welcome Gustav Nilsson to the Supply Chain Team!

FlexQUbe purchasing manager doing assembly
FlexQUbe purchasing manager doing assembly

FlexQube is Delighted to Welcome Gustav Nilsson to the Supply Chain Team!

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The FlexQube team is thrilled to welcome Gustav Nilsson to the FlexQube family! Gustav will be joining us in the Supply Chain Department as a Supply Chain Coordinator. Gustav set up office in the FlexQube Headquarters, 2 weeks ago and he has been able to slide right into the team environment. 

Gustav is joining us after finishing his Masters in Finance, but he has spent most of his time working with the Perstorp Group while finding a way to mix his studies in at the same time. While at the Perstorp Group he worked within the supply chain with customer service and logistics. Within this role he helped follow up on orders, check inventory levels, organise transport for products and send invoices.

Since Gustav has joined the team here at FlexQube he has been able to embrace the energetic hard-working team environment within the office. His passion to learn as much as he can about the supply chain process and to find ways he can help has been great to see! Coming in to learn about a whole new supply chain process is no easy task and Gustav seems to have been able to navigate this with ease.

We are thrilled to have him on the team and we know that his influence on the day to day operations of FlexQube will provide immediate results, for both our Supply Chain and our customers.

We were able to ask Gustav some questions about his time with FlexQube so far and his expectations working within the team.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team as a whole?

I enjoy what I do and I think that translates into being able to work with a great energy and pace. I hope that I can bring my previous experience from the Perstorp Group and their Supply Chain to FlexQube and help wherever I can. My main aim is to help with material planning in the hope of shortening lead times for our customers. I also think I can bring some height (Gustav is over 195cm) and youth to the team…. 😉

What do you think about the FlexQube product/concept?

Since joining the team, I have been able to learn a lot about how the product actually works, and my time at our manufacturing facility last week was really beneficial. I think the FlexQube concept is a unique and smart concept and I can see how it can bring so much value to such a wide range of industries. I think the benefit of having a product so flexible, yet so heavy duty can open up a world of opportunities for our customers.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the Supply Chain Department?

My goal, as stated earlier, is to improve the material planning and purchasing. This is the beginning of the cart manufacturing process when looking at the big picture, and if we can get this right then this will impact the process all the way to the customer. This can help with shortening lead times from our supplier which will reduce the lead time for our customers as well. It’s my job to make sure all our customers in the USA, Germany and the rest of Europe can look forward to receiving their carts with even better lead times!

You can reach Gustav on [email protected]

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