4 in 1 Cart without Top Shelf


All Carts are Customizable!


4 in 1 Mother Daughter Solution. Small carts can be removed from large cart and placed at work-stations. These carts are tuggable and connected in tugger trains. The carts are being used to kit parts from the warehouse and the cart is placed between each product on the assembly line and hooked up to the assembly and follows the product from start of assembly until it leaves the assembly line.  A customer reference using these with about 200 carts in use is located in Pennsylvania, USA.  Cart is used by Autoliv in Mexico. 

This industrial tugger train cart is equipped with a drop pin tow bar but can be modified with either wire-release tow bar or the foot release tow bar developed by FlexQube®.

You will find the daughter cart of this solution here. 

A similar solution but with 6 small carts instead of 4 in the mother cart.

 FlexQube® is an independent company who supplies material handling equipment, carts, industrial carts and racks, that are modular and robust. By using the same standard building blocks various solutions are built. The modularity makes it possible to make adjustments and additions along the way as the customers’ needs change.

FlexQube® have global presence with manufacturing in Europe and USA and many of the world's largest companies within industrial equipment and automotive as our customers. We are specialists in lean manufacturing and lean material handling with ergonomic industrial carts.

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Amt.Part numberName
4Q-000-1258FlexTube™ 1120 mm
4Q-001-1301FlexBeam™ 1120 mm
2Q-001-1302FlexBeam™ 1050 mm
2Q-001-1311FlexBeam™ 420 mm
4Q-001-1312FlexBeam™ 350 mm
6Q-001-1405FlexBeam™ 840 mm FE
3Q-002-1162Flexplate™ M10
2Q-005-1056Towing Hole
8Q-005-1146Spherical Knob
20Q-005-142664 mm FlexBeam™ Collet
4Q-005-1580Heavy Duty Joint M10
6Q-005-1722Wheel Attachment 80 x 60 mm
8Q-005-1730Daughter Cart Locking Plate
1Q-006-1012M6 x 30 mm Allen Head
4Q-006-1036M14 x 60 mm Hex Head
8Q-006-1037M10 x 120 mm Fully Threaded
4Q-006-1039Locking Nut M14
2Q-006-1041M10 x 25 mm Hex Head
30Q-006-1042Locking Nut M10
12Q-006-1043Washer M10
1Q-006-1050Locking Nut M6
2Q-006-1161M10 x 30 mm Hex Head
24Q-006-1181Locking Nut M8
9Q-006-1195Nut M10
24Q-006-1196Countersunk Allen Head M6 x 30 mm
4Q-006-1302M10 x 100 mm Hex Head
1Q-006-1343M10 x 50 mm Hex Head Fully Threaded
2Q-006-1361Extra low head [1,5 mm] M10x40 mm
15Q-006-1381 M10 x 90 mm Extra Low Head
280Q-006-1384Self Tapping Screw M6 Torx H60x16
4Q-006-1410M10 x 25 mm Extra Low Head Allen
1Q-017-1010Towing Lip 28 mm
4Q-004-1363125 mm Swivel Caster
24Q-006-1214M8 x 16 mm Countersunk
2Q-005-1356Beam to Beam Corner Plate
4Q-001-1295FlexBeam™ 1540 mm
1Q-017-1080Tow Attachment to Beam
2Q-005-1070Spring for Tow Bar
2Q-004-1365125 mm Fixed Caster
2Q-005-0021Cross Joint 240 x 240 mm
1Q-017-1083Tow Hinge
1Q-017-0015US Modular Tow Bar VKR 380 mm - Lip
1Q-017-1061Tow Bar Lock Tube - 498 mm
1Q-012-0007Compression Spring for US Tow Hitch
1Q-017-0022Handle for Tow Hole
2Q-006-0016Washer M20
2Q-017-0023Cotter Pin 3,2 x 32 mm
4Q-005-0077Daughter Cart Catcher 840 mm
8Q-005-0105M10 - Collet 6 mm

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