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3 May 2018

FlexQube’s Top 5 Mother-Daughter Solutions

FlexQube’s Top 5 Mother-Daughter Solutions

The Mother-daughter cart concept or solution has become one of the most efficient and popular ways of moving materials within facilities. This type of solution makes its very easy for the operator to be able to remove the cart from the frame and leave different “daughter” carts at several work stations. Our carts can be integrated into a frame system such as the STILL Liftrunner E-frame, B-frame or C-frame, we also have begun constructing FlexQube’s own Mother concepts to house FlexQube’s daughter carts. The STILL liftrunner frames are used for much heavier loads and heavy-duty materials, while FlexQube’s own designed mother frames are for much lower weights. Below we have outlined our top 5 mother-daughter solutions, some of these are both the mother-daughter concept while some are daughter carts to the STILL Liftrunner system that our customers have had great success with.

FlexQube 8 in 1 mother-daughter cart system

1. Q-100-0986 8 in 1 Mother- Daughter System for dollies 

This cart is quite a large and robust solution which can take a total of 8 dollies onto each side. The benefit of this is that all the dollies can be carrying different materials and therefore in 1 load, these materials can all be left at different assembly or packing stations. This saves much time by reducing the number of loads that need to be transported. This concept is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar and can only be used alongside a tugger train, this solution cannot be moved manually.

FlexQube standard pallet trolley used with liftrunner

2. Q-007-1080 Standard EUR-Pallet Trolley

This EUR-Pallet trolley has been rolled out alongside the STILL Liftrunner system to many of our customers. The combination of this pallet cart and the STILL Liftrunner B-frame is a fantastic combination. The B-Frame allows the cart to be loaded from both sides, which makes it much more efficient for your operators. This cart can also be equipped with different variations of handle bars for better ergonomics and ease of use for the handlers.

FlexQube 4 in 1 mother-daughter cart

3. Q-100-0359 4 in 1 Cart Without Top Shelf

This 4 in 1 mother daughter solution comes equipped with 4 small shelf carts. These small shelf carts can be unlocked from the mother cart and left at different stations within your facility. The above solution is commonly used to kit parts from the warehouse and then the carts are dropped off between the products along the assembly line.

FlexQube tilt cart in a Liftrunner frame

4. Q-100-0758 Tilt Cart

This tilt cart has been very successfully integrated alongside the B-frame from STILL liftrunner. This tilt cart allows the operator to tilt the materials loaded onto the cart towards themselves and makes it very easy to pick the materials. Over 200 of these carts have been delivered to Volvo Cars US Operations.

FlexQube 6 in 1 Mother-daughter cart

5. Q-007-1254 6 in 1 Mother Daughter Solution

This 6 in 1 mother-daughter solution has been another very popular and successful solution from FlexQube. This daughter carts allows the operators to transition the materials and leave each daughter cart at different stations along the assembly line. This cart is a very heavy-duty solution and is equipped with a tongue and hitch tow bar for use alongside a tugger train.

Mother-daughter solutions are becoming a very popular alternative to normal shelf or pallet carts used within a tugger train. This flexibility the different mother frames and the modular FlexQube concept allows you to design daughter carts based on your materials and how they need to be transported.

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