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24 April 2018

How to improve productivity in your warehouse in 3 steps with Push Carts

How to improve productivity in your warehouse in 3 steps with Push Carts

Industrial carts and pallet carts are commonly used by warehouses and factories, often carrying containers bins and boxes. Generally, these carts are used to transfer, transport, or reposition warehouse materials from one area to another.

Although the importance of the use of such industrial carts seem minimal, businesses must realize that the use of push carts in their warehouse plays an important role in improving warehouse productivity. Using carts for warehouses has been shown to contribute in having efficient and more productive warehouse operations.

Warehouse products and equipment, including industrial carts, contribute on the overall productivity of the operations.

Listed herein are 3 steps as to how pallet carts help improve productivity in the warehouse.

Windshield cart in use at manufacturing facility

An Efficient Tool for Material Handling

The most apparent reason for using pallet carts in warehouses is the convenience and efficiency they provide in transporting materials and products from one place to another. Additionally, carts help in the proper and efficient handling of materials.

During transport, there are instances wherein materials and goods are not handled properly – leading to damages in products. With the use of pallet carts, material damage and loss are significantly reduced. These warehouse push carts are stable and sturdy enough to handle heavy loads. Boxes and containers can be stacked up in carts without causing too much damage on the products. Proper and safe use of carts, however, should also be enforced. This can be achieved by providing adequate training to employees in charge of operating the pallet carts.

The use of carts will help minimize damages, and even losses, during the transport of materials and goods. With this, efficient materials handling caused by pallet carts lead to more goods ready for customer consumption. This, in turn, will equate to more revenues for the business.

Improved Order Picking Process

Order picking is an important process when it comes to warehouse operations. It is the most labor-intensive part of the supply chain process. It is the process by which products and goods are extracted from warehouse inventory to fill a specific customer order. The whole process encompasses the receiving of order, verifying of order, gathering of available products, and finally sending it out to the customers. It is definitely an extensive and time-consuming process that every warehouse should work upon.

With this in mind, any improvements in the order picking process will certainly result to greater productivity and efficiency in warehouses. Speeding up the order picking process will result to faster filling of orders – enabling the business to satisfy more of its customers’ orders and needs.

Using industrial carts may lead to an immediate impact on the order picking process. Pallet carts will make it easier to pull out the needed products for a particular order. This method is highly recommended for filling large and bulk orders. It will help speed up the process of picking, packing, and shipping of materials and products. Fast and efficient turnaround will be expected by the customers.

Ergonomic tugger carts

Improved Workflow

One of the ways on how pallet carts and industrial carts help improve warehouse productivity is by improving the efficiency of the warehouse workflow. Improved workflow means faster turnover, paired with a significant decrease in downtime.

Efficient warehouse workflow leads to happy and satisfied customers. This could be achieved by improving warehouse organization.

Warehouse organization helps in the overall efficiency and speed of all operations within the warehouse – from receiving of materials for manufacturing to shipping and sending out of filled orders. It includes indicating warehouse layout and space optimization, labeling of products and materials, and designating order picking and receiving areas. All of these could be well achieved through the aid of push carts that are readily available in warehouses.

Through the organizing process, carts can be used to have a smooth flow of the materials and goods, following the most efficient route within the warehouse. A systematic pathway of operations could be well-established through carts.

Warehouses with organized processes will have an improved and continuous workflow, with minimal to no disruptions. Therefore, any possible backlog in the production and shipment of products and materials could be avoided. This will allow more products delivered in less time needed while reducing concerns when it comes to storage space. Thus, businesses will attain to exceed customers’ expectations by delivering the products sooner.

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