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18 April 2018

FlexQube Welcomes Cherie Dimmerling to the Sales Team!

FlexQube sales team at MODEX 2018
FlexQube sales team at MODEX 2018

FlexQube Welcomes Cherie Dimmerling to the Sales Team!

FlexQube is excited to welcome Cherie Dimmerling to the USA sales team! Cherie will be joining the sales team in the role as a key account manager for the USA. Cherie began last week with FlexQube for a few days at MODEX in Atlanta. It was great opportunity for everyone to get to know each other and in particular to give Cherie a warm welcome to the FlexQube team!

Cherie is joining the team with over 20 years of experience within the distribution, manufacturing, and material handling fields. Cherie has first hand experience working alongside OEMS, Tier one suppliers and distributors. It was obvious to everyone attending MODEX last week, that Cherie’s attention to detail and positive energy is surely going to be a great influence not only on FlexQube as a whole but also for our customers.

Having been employed for just over 3 years to K-Tec, (one of FlexQube’s direct competitors in the USA) Cherie’s experience within the U.S. market, knowledge of the industry and large number of contacts is surely going to help FlexQube leave a large footprint in the USA.

While at MODEX we were able to ask Cherie a few questions on beginning with FlexQube:

What do you think about the FlexQube product/concept?

I was working for a competitor (K-Tec) when we first became aware of the FlexQube concept. My first thought was “Uh-oh game changer”. Why? Because the concept makes perfect sense. It is modular and flexible. Needs are constantly changing in the world of material handling, and FlexQube products can change right along with those needs, without the need to scrap existing equipment. All it takes is just a quick re-configure that can be done with ease, on-site. This saves money and is much more environmentally friendly as well.

What do you think will make FlexQube more successful within the USA market?

This is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with no large players. It is highly fragmented, with many job shops filling in the need. A modular, simple, strong design is a great fit for everyone, no need for local suppliers that have difficulty in replicating designs.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube US sales team?

Passion for the industry, existing relationships and knowledge of how US manufacturers think.

Finally, what do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team as a whole?

Diversity. I believe I can help provide a different way of looking at this business and I have a proven history of success, which is usually contagious :).

FlexQube is extremely excited to have Cherie on-board and we look forward to continuing her history of success into the future.

Contact Cherie Dimmerling at [email protected] or on (216) 409 4445.

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