25 April 2018

FlexQube is excited to Welcome Adam Fredriksson to the team!

Adam Fredriksson

Adam Fredriksson

Supply Chain Manager

FlexQube SCM manager Adam Fredriksson

The FlexQube team is thrilled to welcome Adam Fredriksson to the FlexQube team! Adam will be joining us at FlexQube HQ as the Operations Manager. Adam joined us while we were exhibiting at MODEX, towards the beginning of this month. He also spent last week over in the USA at our assembly facility in Swainsboro, Georgia, getting hands on with the assembly process and the products.

Adam is joining FlexQube after spending several years within the logistics field working alongside a few large shipping organizations. During this time, he mainly focused on improving the logistics efficiency & supply chain of these firms and developing methods to increase profitability through improvement in logistics productivity.

Since he has been onboard with the FlexQube team, his energy and curiosity to learn as much as he can in a short amount of time has really blown everyone away. It is no easy task for anyone to come in and take over as FlexQube’s Operations Manager, but Adam seems to have come in and made it his own already.

We are very excited to have him joining us and we believe he will be able to provide great results not only for FlexQube but for all FlexQube customers as well. Since Adam had returned from Georgia last week we were able to ask him a couple of questions about his time with FlexQube so far.

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team?

I believe that I will be able to bring a lot of energy to the office. I think FlexQube is in a great position with a lot of future potential and for me I find this very exciting and this gives me a lot of energy to perform well, which hopefully can be passed on to the rest of the team. I always like to aim high and my vision here is to ensure that FlexQube’s operations and supply chain is world class.

While FlexQube has done great things so far, I have found in my limited time here that, like all companies, there are opportunities that we can improve on. But first, I am excited in matching our customers’ expectations and taking them that extra mile.

What do you like about the FlexQube product/ concept?

I see the FlexQube product as more than just a product, I see it as a solution.

The solution to enhancing efficiency in material handling and intra-logistics in production environments.I think the concept is fantastic! It gives our customers the freedom to influence and design the carts they need, based on their materials or ergonomic standards. Solving the problem of inflexible, rigid and static carts and showing our customers the flexibility, robustness and design of our FlexQube carts is the reason why I love the products and concept.

Adam has joined the team in HQ and you can reach him on adam.fredriksson@flexqube.com or 0702572597.

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