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Shelf Tugger Train FlexQube
2 June 2020

Burckhardt Orders Over 100 Material Handling Carts from FlexQube

FlexQube received an order from Burckhardt in Switzerland in April of 2020 to deliver over 100 smaller material handling carts. The beginning of this process was all the way back in October 2019 when Burckhardt first reached out to FlexQube GmbH.

AMR alternative the eQart
27 May 2020

The Basics of AMR Robots

AMR robots have been one of the most discussed forms of automation technology in manufacturing and distribution centers. The potential to have automated transportation is a huge benefit to save on costs but also to fight off labor shortages.

eQart FlexQube
15 May 2020

What are the differences between the eQart and an AGV?

In this previous article, we highlighted the differences between the eQart and the AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), but below, we will highlight the differences between the eQart and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

Anders in HQ
13 May 2020

FlexQube doubled up on sales in Q1

Despite the troubling times with COVID-19, FlexQube has had a strong first-quarter performance. FlexQube finished the final quarter of 2019 with a high, and we were able to bring this into 2020 as well.

FlexQube Quality manager Cinthia Gutierrez
8 May 2020

FlexQube Employee Portrait: Cinthia

Meet Cinthia, a member of the FlexQube family since October 2017. Cinthia has a Mechanical Engineer degree from the Universidad Simón Bolivar and speaks Spanish and English fluently. Cinthia is based in Gothenburg at our HQ and is working as a Sales Engineer.

Hanging Cart with Tow bar
28 April 2020

Wind turbine manufacturer orders more carts and components from FlexQube

FlexQube has received two new orders from an international wind turbine manufacturer with a combined value of about 2.2 MSEK.

23 April 2020

The 6 Most Common Questions about the eQart

Automation within manufacturing, distribution, and warehouses continues to take steps forward. FlexQube has stepped up our original concept by adding smart and motorized building blocks to our existing modular system.

Warehouse KPIs
20 April 2020

Tips on how to measure warehouse efficiency

It can be challenging to know how efficiently your warehouse is running without having the right KPI’s or measurements to keep track of the warehouse. Having an efficient warehouse means more than having a smooth process of outgoing products and incoming inventory, you need to ensure the safety of your operators and quality within your order fulfillment.

FlexQube receives an upgrade order from Eberspaecher Exhaust Technology!
9 April 2020

The Top 10 suggested Lean Tools.

In this post, we will provide short summaries of 10 of our suggested lean tools for you to implement.

Jidoka and Lean Manufacturing
2 April 2020

What is Jidoka?

One of the main pillars of lean manufacturing and the Toyota Production System is Jidoka. Jidoka is most often referred to as automation with a human touch.

1 April 2020

7 – The number of all numbers!

The world’s favorite number and the basics of the FlexQube concept.

How Kit-carts with extendable shelvesthe FlexQube Concept has helped Getinge
31 March 2020

FlexQube provides carts for the healthcare industry

FlexQube has been providing kitting carts to the healthcare industry to Macquet Critical Care (part of the Getinge Group).

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