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Expo Manufactura logo
25 January 2019

Meet the FlexQube Team at Expo Manufactura, February 5-7, Monterrey Mexico

Expo Manufactura, Feb 5 -7 , Monterrey Mexico FlexQube Booth #1639 To kick off, 2019 FlexQube will be showcasing at Expo Manufactura in Monterrey, Mexico!

FlexQube transfer cart
24 January 2019

The Importance of Custom Material Handling Carts

involves transporting products and components in a warehouse or facility.

FlexQube pallet carts being towed
22 January 2019

Manufacturing Trends You Need to Know in 2019

Once again, manufacturing has become one of the hot topics making the rounds across boardrooms, stock exchanges, and in government bureaus.

FlexQube shelf carts with a tugger train
8 January 2019

4 Steps to Adapting Your Manufacturing Lines to Change

In 2017, UK manufacturers recorded a due to problems with material handling systems or downtimes and this was by no means an isolated incident.

ROI on replacing your forklift
2 January 2019

What Factors into the ROI on Replacing Your Forklift?

A forklift is an expensive piece of machinery, and in all cases, a lot of thought goes into deciding when to replace one after regular wear and tear.

Modular kit cart for hanging components by FlexQube
18 December 2018

Our Design Manager selects his favourite Designs for this Year

Its been a big year for FlexQube in 2018!

30 November 2018

What is an AGV?

Flexibility is key to FlexQubes concept and this includes how our carts are transported within your facility.

automotive manufacturing line
20 November 2018

What are the main differences between Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma?

When looking at your manufacturing processes and methods to make them more efficient, two methods/processes always come to the top, Lean Manufacturing & Six Sigma.

Forklift safety
8 November 2018

5 Forklift Dangers and How to Prevent Them

Forklifts are heavy vehicles used in manufacturing facilities, construction sites, and warehouses.

30 October 2018

5 Smaller FlexQube Carts For Along the Assembly Line

Here at FlexQube we specialize in creating robust, modular and heavy-duty material handling carts.

Andy Legut and Hector Flores North America Sales team
17 October 2018

FlexQube's Vice President of Sales Thriving in the Heartland of Automotive!

Andy Legut (left) & FlexQube Mexico Sales Manager Hector Flores (right).

FlexQube 4 in 1 mother-daughter cart
10 October 2018

7 Steps to Boost Your Performance with Lean Material Handling

Materials handling refers to the process of controlling, moving, storing, and protecting materials for consumption, manufacture, distribution, and disposal.

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