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Stay tuned on what is happening at FlexQube. Read about new orders and solutions as well as about industry outlook and more.

FlexQube receives another order from Siemens Mobility in Sacramento worth more than 2.5 MSEK
23 July 2020

Follow-up order worth 280 000 USD from Siemens Mobility in Sacramento

As part of the expansion taking place at Siemens Mobility in Sacramento, FlexQube Inc. has received a follow-up order worth 280 000 USD for more material handling carts.

FlexQube distribution centre in SC
22 July 2020

FlexQube insources distribution and assembly for North America

The strong growth during the past years for FlexQube in North America has led to outgrown facilities at FlexQubes present subcontractor and distribution partner in Georgia, USA.

20 July 2020

How to minimize downtime in your manufacturing after COVID-19

There will be a few challenges for everyone when we look at how the future will look post COVID-19 and how we can expect to move forward, especially within manufacturing.

13 July 2020

FlexQube’s Top Material Handling Carts for Manufacturing

Within manufacturing, material handling equipment is key in ensuring products are manufactured to a certain quality and one time.

Joar Manhed eQart Concept Manager
6 July 2020

FlexQube Employee Portrait: Joar

Meet Joar, a member of the FlexQube family, since the summer of 2019.

FlexQube carts in a train
30 June 2020

Order worth 6 million SEK for Tier 1 supplier in USA

FlexQube has received an order for a German based company, who is setting up a new plant to manufacture automotive parts in Southeast USA, worth 6 million SEK.

18 June 2020

FlexQubes Top Shelf Carts for Smaller Materials

Moving materials is an important process within many warehouses, distribution centers, and factories around the world.

FlexQube UK Sales manager Tim Massey
11 June 2020

FlexQube Employee Portrait: Tim

Meet Tim, a member of the FlexQube family since April 2019, and our Sales Manager in the UK.

FlexQube DesignOnDemand meeting
9 June 2020

What is DFSS?

DFSS stands for" Design for Six Sigma," and it is a methodology of improving your product and service design. DFSS can help you create higher quality products and services.

Shelf Tugger Train FlexQube
2 June 2020

Burckhardt Orders Over 100 Material Handling Carts from FlexQube

FlexQube received an order from Burckhardt in Switzerland in April of 2020 to deliver over 100 smaller material handling carts. The beginning of this process was all the way back in October 2019 when Burckhardt first reached out to FlexQube GmbH.

AMR alternative the eQart
27 May 2020

The Basics of AMR Robots

AMR robots have been one of the most discussed forms of automation technology in manufacturing and distribution centers. The potential to have automated transportation is a huge benefit to save on costs but also to fight off labor shortages.

eQart FlexQube
15 May 2020

What are the differences between the eQart and an AGV?

In this previous article, we highlighted the differences between the eQart and the AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots), but below, we will highlight the differences between the eQart and AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles).

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