18 April 2023

FlexQube welcomes Johan Olsson in the role of Supply Chain Manager

Mikael Lindbäck

Mikael Lindbäck


welcome to FlexQube

We are excited to welcome Johan Olsson to FlexQube as Supply Chain Manager!

Johan joined the team in Mölndal, Sweden, one week ago.

Johan is joining FlexQube’s team in Mölndal, Sweden, bringing ten years of experience in the manufacturing industry, focusing on sourcing and production management. Prior to this, Johan served as a Sourcing Manager for tender and project sourcing, managing supply expeditors from India and product line buyers from Germany.

What do you find most exciting about joining the FlexQube team?

The future of automated and autonomous material handling excites me, and I am confident that the FlexQube AGV and AMR products have a market to fill. Additionally, I found the customizability aspect of the FlexQube products very clever, and the concept is a given replacement for traditional welded carts long term.

What will you contribute to the team?

I want to contribute to our continued journey into Lean in assembly and across the business. Lean can be applied everywhere. I am also passionate about establishing/developing processes and standards of work, and I will strive to contribute to this.

What do you think is the biggest challenge for the industry?

To be keeping up with demand in terms of capacity and material availability.

What is something that motivates you?

Continuous improvement. Finding opportunities to improve and finally implementing them motivates me a lot.

What do you hope to get out of your time at FlexQube?

A lot of exciting challenges, opportunities to develop, and some fun along the way!

We are very excited to have Johan on the team; welcome on board!

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