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7 May 2024

FlexQube Minimizing Risk with AMR System Certification

Per Augustsson

Per Augustsson

Commercial Product Manager

Flexible AMR robot Manufacturing trends 2024

As autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) are increasingly becoming a more well-known and utilized partner on the factory floor, it’s important for robotics companies to ensure that their AMRs are delivering reliability and upholding safety standards throughout the production process.

FlexQube AMR system ensuring safety

At FlexQube, we aim to always make sure that our solutions meet the latest safety standards and take pride in our AMR system being an entrusted solution for our global customers. We wish to emphasize further that our AMR system certification has a true systems approach, including both the AMR and the Load Carriers. The system is certified for load carriers with a size up to 2520mm x 2520mm. The systems approach is enabled with a standardized coupling between the AMR and the Load Carrier, in contrast to the common industry practice of certifying standard-sized AMRs and leaving the certification of the full system with a material carrier to the customer or integrator.

As the system is externally certified and approved to follow the branch standards for the EU and USA, our customers can confidently rely on its performance and safety features, ensuring seamless integration into their operations and peace of mind in their manufacturing processes.

Certifications of the FlexQube AMR system

To ensure our AMR system undergoes a comprehensive certification process, we opted to partner with TÜV SÜD – a premier company specializing in certification, testing, auditing, inspection, and training. This collaboration has resulted in FlexQube’s AMR system being granted CE/UL approval and receiving external certification.

“We understand the challenges and priorities our customers face in ensuring safety and efficiency on their factory floors. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to not only meet but exceed industry standards. FlexQube is the first AMR supplier that can offer a PLd rated identification of the loadcarrier and adopt the safety fields based on this information. This enables the same AMR to move material with different sizes and shapes to create a high level of flexibility. By obtaining certifications that are externally approved, we’re providing our customers with more than just a product; we’re offering a reliable and safety assured system with our AMR system, assuring you that our customers’ operations are in capable hands” – Per Augustsson, Commercial Product Manager. 


  • CE

Branch standard for AMR within the EU:

  • EN ISO 3691-4:2020
  • EN 1175:2020
  • EN ISO 13849-1:2015

Branch standard for AMR within the USA:

  • CAN/UL 3100:2021
  • ANSI/RIA R 15.08-1:2020
  • ANSI/ITSDF B56.5:2019


Want to know more about our certifications? Contact our Commercial Product Manager here

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