8 January 2017

FlexQube receives a $250 000 order from Cummins

Hector Flores

Hector Flores

VP Sales Mexico

FlexQube receives a $250 000 order from Cummins

FlexQube Inc. receives a $250 000 order from Cummins Motors in Mexico – the single largest order in North America so far.

Cummins Motors in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, invests in the FlexQube concept to implement 9 different types of carts in order to improve their material flow and reduce forklift traffic.

Cummins has placed an order for 9 different cart types that will be used for transporting cylinder blocks, crank shafts, fly wheels, cam shafts, and other engine components inside their plant in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. FlexQube and Cummins has worked together in order to develop the most efficient and dedicated applications using the modular FlexQube system.

Cummins adopted the FlexQube concept in whole right away and used it to create ergonomic and efficient solutions for assembly kitting operations. Cummins believes that our flexible system will allow them to keep their material handling carts aligned with the fluctuations in the component mix and product changes over an extended lifetime compared to welded applications.

The carts will be manufactured at our manufacturing and distribution center in Swainsboro, Georgia, USA, and assembled by a local partner in San Luis Potosi, Mexico.

Anders Fogelberg, CEO at FlexQube, comments: “Late 2015 we started to investigate the Mexican market and during the past 12 months our order intake has been growing steadily. The industry is booming and there is a need for efficient, safe and ergonomic material handling solutions. As in any other developed country, the expectations and requirements are high. The companies are striving for state-of-the-art manufacturing operations and we are in e.g. Mexico to help them achieve these goals.

With our unique DesignOnDemand™ process, where the customer and a designer from FlexQube interact in a web meeting, the different cart designs are developed together. This process aims to reduce both the onsite visits and the number of emails sent back and forth with requirements that usually take place in a development process like this. The modular building blocks, that are the core of the FlexQube concept, makes it possible to quickly draft a design together with the customer and it also deepens the understanding about the possibilities with the concept from the customers’ perspective.” 

Read more about this and other news at Cision News.

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