20 January 2017

FlexQube receives a strategically important order worth $62 000 from Whirlpool

Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch

Sales Manager US Mid Atlantic

FlexQube receives a strategically important order worth $62 000 from Whirlpool

FlexQube receives a strategically important order worth $62 000 from Whirlpool – the world’s largest home appliance maker

Whirlpool in Fall River, Massachusetts invests in FlexQube to improve material flow

Whirlpool in Fall River that manufactures and markets coin-operated, on-premise, industrial and specialty laundry equipment has placed an order for a total of four different cart types. In addition to these carts, that has been designed by FlexQube but will be assembled by Whirlpool themselves, the company has ordered a large amount of FlexQube components in order to design and assemble other applications onsite in Fall River.

FlexQube will deliver rotating shelf carts, pallet- and container carts and different types of kit-carts for sheet metal parts.

Anders Fogelberg, CEO at FlexQube, comments: “This is one of our largest orders within the home appliance segment and the largest one so far to Whirlpool, even though we before this order was received have FlexQube carts in three other Whirlpool plants in USA already. The plant in Fall River has a need for the flexibility that comes with the concept (due to shorter production series and high mix variation) but the system is also more robust than other concept the plants has been trying out before.

With our unique DesignOnDemand™ process, where the customer and a designer from FlexQube interacts in a web meeting, the different cart designs are developed together. This process aims to reduce both the onsite visits and the number of emails sent back and forth with requirements that usually takes place in a development process like this. The modular building blocks, that are the core of the FlexQube concept, makes it possible to quickly draft a design together with the customer and it also deepens the understanding about the possibilities with the concept from the customers’ perspective.” 

Read more about this and other news at Cision News.

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/Qube it!™

Standard FlexQube push cart with steel top deck.

Push Cart 

FlexQube cart for hanging components

FlexQube hanging cart with handlebar

Cart For Hanging 

FlexQube industrial rotating cart with flat shelves

Industrial rotating cart by FlexQube

Rotating Shelf Cart

FlexQube receives a strategically important order worth $62 000 from Whirlpool
FlexQube US Southeast sales manager
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FlexQube US Southeast sales manager

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