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10 September 2017

FlexQube and Multitube launch partnership in Netherlands and Belgium

Luke Goodwin

Luke Goodwin

Marketing Manager

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg with Multitube

Press release 17-09-07

FlexQube and Multitube launch partnership in Netherlands and Belgium

The two companies will focus on growing the FlexQube market share in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Anders Fogelberg, CEO of FlexQube, comments: “Multitube has shown great ability to penetrate this market with tube- and joint based material handling applications in the same customer segments FlexQube target in other markets. With the partnership, Multitube will present and demonstrate both the FlexQube as a standalone concept for industrial carts as well as integration opportunities in combined FlexQube and Multitube designs to both existing and new customers. Multitube has demonstrated a great ability to deliver growth and their company culture is similar to the one of FlexQube with a young and curious mindset, aimed at creating the highest customer value among the competition. We really look forward to work with Multitube.”

Jan Verhees, CEO of Multitube Engineering B.V., comments: “We noticed FlexQube in 2013 when we were discussing our options for a more robust, heavy duty, modular system to build cart frames for tugger trains. At that time both companies did not yet have respectable track records. We decided to wait and focus on the expansion and development of the Multitube system which resulted in a rapid growth in several business areas over the past years. This year we are ready to introduce FlexQube to our customers as the modular system for heavy duty industrial carts. Together with FlexQube we can better fulfill our goal to improve the material handling processes for our customers and eliminate the need for forklifts. We have great expectations about FlexQube based on their expertise and services provided.”

About Multitube

Multitube Engineering B.V. is a Dutch company founded in 2010. The company supplies a wide range of tube- and joint components, known as the Multitube construction system. With the modular system Multitube provides their customers with custom made solutions such as flow-racks, work-stations and carts for light- and medium weight purposes. The company’s manufacturing and warehouse facility is located in the south of the Netherlands between Belgium and Germany.

For more information, contact CEO Jan Verhees

[email protected]

+31 495 700 272

About FlexQube

FlexQube is the world’s largest supplier of a modular concept to make industrial material handling carts that can replace welded solutions. The company has manufacturing facilities in Sweden and the USA and distribution in North America and Europe.

FlexQube has some of the world’s largest and most prominent manufacturers in the automotive, energy, aerospace, appliance, and engineering industries as clients. Some examples include Autoliv, Dräxlmaier, Kuehne-Nagel, Scania, Whirlpool, Eberspächer, Oshkosh and Cummins.

For more information, contact CEO Anders Fogelberg

[email protected]
+46 702 86 06 74

If you’re looking for a similar solution, contact us at [email protected]

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