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2 September 2016

The best of shelf carts by FlexQube

Shawn Lynch

Shawn Lynch

Sales Manager US Mid Atlantic

The best of shelf carts by FlexQube

Shelf carts for totes, bins, and boxes whether they are made of plastic or cardboard is a very common application for manufacturing companies. Especially for the use together with 2-bin replenishment setups or to supply small and medium-sized parts and components like fasteners (bolts and nuts) or other bulk components to assembly lines.

Reducing forklift traffic is an objective set by many manufacturing companies around the world. containers and pallets are the most common application when transferring from a forklift is driven supply of material to assembly and production lines, to tugger train routes with several carts connected in a train. Every year almost 100 employees are killed in forklift-related accidents. Keep them safe by switching to the FlexQube fork-lift free initiative.

Below we have gathered our most common and best-selling versions of shelf carts. With the FlexQube concept it is possible to get carts with flat shelves, angled or flow shelves, extendable/slide-out/pull-out shelves or even removable shelves in a variety of dimensions and sizes. The number of shelves and the height of them can be adjusted. All enabled by the modularity and the flexibility in the concept itself.

1. Flat shelf cart with foot release tow bar 
This cart is a rather narrow cart in order to work well in narrow aisles to deliver boxes and totes to assembly or production areas. Each shelf can carry up to 250 lbs depending on how high up you place the shelves. The cart is equipped with a foot release tow bar and six heavy duty 200 mm (8 inch) polyurethane casters where the fixed casters are in the center of the cart to achieve best tracking behind the tugger.

This cart is also availble with drop pin hitch, find it here. Watch a video from a customer who use almost 100 of this cart type.

FlexQube flat shelf cart with tow bar

2. 4 in 1 mother and daughter cart solution  
This cart carries four small carts with shelves in order for the operator to leave a cart filled with components (either loose parts or totes and bins or boxes) at the work stations and bring one empty with him back to the warehouse. Each cart can be taken out form the mother cart individually using the locking function on top of the mother cart.

The mother cart is alos equipped with a top shelf in order to store for example empty card board boxes or bins there. Autoliv in Mexico has this cart type in use.

mother frame for a mother-daughter cart system

3. Long flat shelf cart with heavy duty tow bar and adjustable levels 

66 x 33 inch (1680 x 840 mm)  tuggable flat shelf cart with three shelf levels. The number of shelves and the position of these can be customized. The shelves can be flipped the other way around in order to get an edge all the way around each shelf, to prevent material from falling off. In the solution below, FlexTubes are used on the sides to hold the parts on the shelves.

FlexQube flat shelf cart

4. Flow shelf cart / Gravity shelf cart

Shelf cart with angled shelves / gravity shelves that allows for better access into bins and totes. Shelf height can easily be adjusted within 70 mm increments. Choose direction and number of shelves. The solution below have a return shelf on the highest level.

FlexQube flow shelf cart

5. Shelf cart with extendable, pull out drawers

The shelves can be extended 100% from the base and have a handle bar for easy handling. The telescopic slides are equipped with an automatic lock. A telescopic shelf cart is used when you want to store lots of parts tightly packed and yet want an ergonomic and easy reach.

FlexQube extendable shelf cart

6. Cart with flip up shelves

Kit cart with flip up shelf to improve accessability for the operator. It’s just one flip up shelf and bottom one is fixed shelf. Shelf have a handle bar for easy manual handling and gas springs that will help push the shelf upwards.FlexQube material handling with pop up shelf

7. Kit-cart with extendable roller track level

Kit-cart with roller tracks in two levels for larger totes. The roller track levels are possible to slide out (drawer) using telescopic rails.

FlexQube kit cart with extendable roller shelves

8. Flat shelf tugger cart with high borders

55 x 41 inch tuggable flat shelf cart with horizontal handle bar. This specific solution is used by Draexlmaier in South Carolina, watch a video here. Shelf height can easily be adjusted within 70 mm intervals. The solution can be adjusted with more/less shelves.

FlexQube modular industrial material handling flat shelf cart
FlexQube removable flow shelf cart
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