Kit Cart - 70 x 41 Inch


All Carts are Customizable!


Large kit-cart for large tubes as well as other items that can be stored on shelves. Carts have tow bar and handle bars on short end for ergonomic handling. 

Amt.Part numberName
4Q-001-1302FlexBeam™ 1050 mm
4Q-001-1308FlexBeam™ 630 mm
2Q-001-1402FlexBeam™ 1050 mm FE
10Q-001-1404FlexBeam™ 910 mm FE
8Q-002-1162Flexplate™ M10
8Q-004-1065Wheel Attachment 105 x 77,5 mm
4Q-004-1106Caster Polyurethane 125 mm
2Q-004-1107Caster Polyurethane 125 mm Fixed
2Q-005-1056Towing Hole
1Q-006-1405M20 Locking Nut
25Q-005-142664 mm FlexBeam™ Collet
5Q-005-1580Heavy Duty Joint M10
1Q-006-1012M6 x 30 mm Allen Head
1Q-006-1016M20 x 500 mm Hex Head
6Q-006-1019M8 x 20 mm Hex Head Fully Threaded
4Q-006-1036M14 x 60 mm Hex Head
4Q-006-1039Locking Nut M14
9Q-006-1041M10 x 25 mm Hex Head
166Q-006-1042Locking Nut M10
16Q-006-1043Washer M10
1Q-006-1050Locking Nut M6
20Q-006-1088M10 x 95 mm Hex Head
36Q-006-1120M8 x 16 mm Hex Head
70Q-006-1132M10 x 90 mm Hex Head
2Q-006-1161M10 x 30 mm Hex Head
38Q-006-1181Locking Nut M8
38Q-006-1183 M8 Washer
1Q-006-1195Nut M10
4Q-006-1208Hex Head M10x40
4Q-006-1302M10 x 100 mm Hex Head
1Q-006-1343M10 x 50 mm Hex Head Fully Threaded
42Q-006-1381 M10 x 90 mm Extra Low Head
532Q-006-1384Self Tapping Screw M6 Torx H60x16
14Q-006-1410M10 x 25 mm Extra Low Head Allen
1Q-017-1010Towing Lip 28 mm
2Q-015-1037Handle Bar 210 mm M8
7Q-005-1356Beam to Beam Corner Plate
10Q-005-0031L Bracket Joint
2Q-001-1505FlexBeam™ 1610 mm FE
6Q-001-1297FlexBeam™ 1400 mm
10Q-001-1296FlexBeam™ 1470 mm
1Q-017-1080Tow Attachment to Beam
2Q-005-1070Spring for Tow Bar
1Q-017-1083Tow Hinge
1Q-004-1369Floor Lock COLSON 4'' x 4-1/2''
1Q-012-0007Compression Spring for US Tow Hitch
1Q-017-0022Handle for Tow Hole
1Q-017-0014US Modular Tow Bar VKR 520 mm - LIP
1Q-015-0029Handlebar / Floor Brake Attachment US
1Q-016-0239Shelf attachment plate - 980 mm
8Q-016-0289Angled Plate 828 mm
4Q-005-0431Fork Tunnel US - 80 mm
1Q-016-0306Flat Shelf - 980 x 840 MM
4Q-016-0308Flat Shelf - 805 x 910 mm
8Q-005-0488Heavy Duty Hanger - 770 mm

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