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Heavy Duty Hanger Cart - 1400 x 1120 mm

Custom-designed hanging cart for hanging very heavy materials.

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Automotive 1400 lbs
load capacity
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Heavy Duty Hanger Cart – 1400 x 1120 mm

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Technical specifications
Type of tow bar Tongue and Hitch
Industry Automotive, Defense Equipment, Distribution, Industrial Machinery, Tier One Suppliers, Wind & Energy
Width 41 inch
Length 85 inch
Load capacity 1400 lbs
Transportation method Manual, Tugger
Caster size 5 inch
Caster Type Polyurethane
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This heavy duty hanger cart is ideal for transporting heavy hanging components and parts such as hoses, wires and cables. This cart is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar for transportation with a tugger train system. It also has two handles attached for easier manual handling, as well as forklift pockets for transportation via forklift when needed.

Parts included
FlexPlate™ 24 Q-002-1001
Flexplate™ M10 16 Q-002-1162
FlexPlate™ half 4 Q-002-1369
Triangle Joint 14 Q-005-0483
Towing Hole 2 Q-005-1056
Locking Nut M14 4 Q-006-1039
Locking Nut M10 100 Q-006-1042
Locking Nut M6 1 Q-006-1050
M10 x 160 mm 16 Q-006-1055
Locking Nut M8 24 Q-006-1181
M8 Washer 8 Q-006-1183
Nut M10 1 Q-006-1195
M20 Locking Nut 1 Q-006-1405
Tow Hinge 1 Q-017-1083

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