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22 May 2018

FlexQube’s Different Types of Material Handling Equipment

FlexQube tugger carts with large containers

FlexQube’s Different Types of Material Handling Equipment

Material Handling is defined as the movement, transportation, warehousing and control of materials, products, parts, pieces or goods during manufacturing, warehousing and distribution. Due to how broad the material handling industry is, it’s logical there are a wide range of material handling equipment that can be used throughout these processes. The material that needs to be handled can be extremely wide ranging, from light bins and totes all the way to large and heavy structures which require cranes.

The FlexQube concept allows for a modular and flexible material handling solution to aid our customers in both material transportation and material presentation. While the possibilities can be endless with our concept we have broken down our key material handling equipment into five main categories; Tugger Carts, Pallet & Push Carts, Shelf Carts, Kit Carts & Mother-Daughter Solutions. These five main categories seem to serve the main needs of our existing customers; however, it must be stressed that FlexQube concept is capable to working around your needs.


FlexQube tugger carts with large containers

Tugger Carts

Tugger carts have become a very popular alternative for transporting pallets within your facility. The emergence of tugger trains/tractors has improved safety, efficiency and ergonomics. Because of this many facilities are looking at becoming “Forklift Free” because of the previously mentioned benefits. Tugger carts are a pull behind cart equipped with a tongue and hitch tow bar. Our tugger carts can be attached to any head tugger train/tractor and the materials can be led in a train like solution throughout your facility. Modern production and material handling processes increasingly demand greater flexibility and a flexible flow of materials. Many of our customers are requesting for material handling equipment that improves the effectiveness and are resource optimized. Tugger carts are helping customers solve these exact needs and therefore they have become one of FlexQube’s most popular material handling solution.

FlexQube push carts at a customer

Pallet & Push Carts

Not all materials can be totally transported with a Tugger Train/tractor and often need to be transported manually by an operator. Like our tugger carts the pallet carts can transport large pallet loads with improved ergonomics and an easy to push solution. Our material handling pallet carts are equipped with casters which are design for heavy duty used and come in a wide range of custom dimensions. Within. The European market FlexQube’s most popular material handling product is the Euro Pallet Cart with a diamond caster setup, the casters are made of high quality polyurethane.

Industrial shelf carts in a tugger train

Shelf Carts

Shelf Carts have been originally used for manual handling by operators, however the growing use of tugger trains/tractors has seen the shelf cart become a popular solution to be attached in a tugger train setup. Shelf Carts offer a lot of flexibility for production lines and can boost the efficiency in an assembly layout compared to fixed shelves or a fixed racking system. The ability to have shelves with wheels enables the freedom to be able to move them around and create a more dynamic work floor. The carts are capable of handling heavy loads, up to 150kg per shelf, and the flexible FlexQube concept allows you to adjust the number and position of shelves as needed by your materials.


FlexQube kit carts at a customer


Modern buying habits with increased personalization and customization to products has cause an influx of new and custom materials that need to be manufactured and managed by manufacturers and storage facilities alike. This is where the emergence of kit-carts has really become popular with manufacturers with a growing number of custom materials that need to be handled. These custom materials than need to be produced at the assembly line using kit-carts, which is where you may store larger number of different parts but in smaller quantities. This allows the operator to assemble faster with having the materials presented just in-time (JIT) for his assembly. Joining FlexQube for a DesignOnDemand session allows our engineers to gather information about batch sizes, the sequence of materials, and other guidelines, we can help design and create the optimal kit-cart for your kitting & assembly needs.

FlexQube 4 in 1 mother-daughter cart

Mother-Daughter Solutions

The Mother-Daughter solution is one of the most flexible and adaptable solution for material handling. The carts are stored within a frame which is referred to as the “Mother”, the frame is then attached to a tugger train. The dollies (daughter) within the mother frame can be housed and locked in place for transportation within the Mother frame and then unlocked and housed at different work stations. This can greatly improve efficiency and productivity, by loading separate dollies with different materials, but still being transported in the same train. FlexQUbe mother-daughter solutions are generally with smaller daughter carts and can come as smaller shelf carts or within dollies.

Here at FlexQube we are not focused only on these types of material handling equipment, we also work with small carts, carts for hanging different components, rotating carts, flow racks, flow carts, carts with rollers and carts with compartments. However, we have found these five above mentioned categories have become a key focus for many of our customers. If you are looking for a flexible and heavy-duty material handling equipment, make sure to contact us at [email protected]

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