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9 May 2018

FlexQube’s top selling material handling carts in Mexico!

Hector Flores

Hector Flores

VP Sales Mexico

FlexQube Mexico Sales Manager Hector Flores at MODEX 2018

Ever since Hector Flores our Sales manager in Mexico began his time with FlexQube last year, we have seen an increase of interest in FlexQube from the Mexican market. We see that the growing economy and growing manufacturing industry within the Mexico region is pushing development. An increase in investment has led to an increase in facilities which are looking for efficient material handling methods and equipment. This increase has called for these facilities to transport their goods and materials in a smarter and more productive manner. This is where the modular and heavy duty FlexQube concept comes in.

With some great effort from Hector and the Mexico team, FlexQube has been able to deliver a growing number of projects to customers in the region. It has become obvious the need for solutions that can be tugged in an efficient and economical manner, whether it be to move pallets or for smaller (but still heavy) materials such as bins or totes. The flexibility of our carts and the robustness that they provide is perfect for the large and heavy materials that need to be transported.

Below are FlexQube’s top 5 material handling solutions in the Mexico region.

FlexQube Material Handling tugger cart

1. Tugger (Pallet) cart 50 x 50 Q-100-0112

This 50 x 50 inch (1260mm x 1260mm) tugger cart has become very popular, because of it’s ease of use and its robustness. This cart comes equipped with a flat deck and a drop pin tow bar, and a removable handle bar in case of manual pushing. The simple design and the ability to edit this cart makes it an obvious choice for pallet transportation.

FlexQube Material Handling shelf cart

2. Flat Shelf Cart Q-100-0535

This flat shelf cart is perfect for easily transporting totes or boxes. It comes equipped with 4 shelves, but with the FlexQube design, the number of shelves can be adjusted with either more or less shelves based on the customer needs. This cart also comes equipped with an ergonomic handle bar with wire-release and a floor brake.

FlexQube Material Handling transfer cart

3. Roller cart Q-100-0839

This 1610 x 1050 mm roller cart is another cart that has increased in popularity and more and more customers are seeing a need for this type of cart. This cart makes it easy to slide a fully loaded pallet onto the cart in an ergonomic fashion. This makes it much easier for the operators and more efficient and economical over the long-term.

FlexQube Material Handling flow rack

4. Flow Rack Q-100-0846

This is a 1190 x 1610 MM flow rack used for material presentation. Solutions like this, are becoming more widely used as improved ergonomics for the operators becomes more of a priority, while increasing productivity. This is rack is a robust and heavy-duty option which is ideal for use with bins, totes or boxes.

FlexQube Material Handling mother-daughter cart

5. 2 in 1 Mother Daughter Cart Q-100-0242

This 2 in 1 mother daughter solution makes it easy to transport separate materials in the same load. The 2 daughters carts can be dropped off at different assembly or work stations. We have seen an increase of interest in the mother-daughter solution as there are several advantages to using such a system.

FlexQube continues to increase our footprint within the Mexico region and increase the workforce within the area, having assemblers joining the workforce within Mexico. If you are interested in any of the above solutions or would like to reach out to Hector Flores our Mexican country manager, you can reach him on +52 (449) 138 9198 or on

You can also visit FlexQube at Intra-Logistics Latin America 26- 28 June in Mexico City.

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