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21 January 2016

Order for 308 carts and 110 sub frames!

Pallet cart without tow bar

Order for 308 carts and 110 sub frames!

FlexQube has received an order for 308 carts and 110 sub frames to a European manufacturer of heavy trucks. The carts will be used at one of their plants in Sweden. The order consists of five different cart models and three different sub frames. The sub frames are upper levels that raises the platform to create a better ergonomic situation for the operator when picking the parts from the pallets. 

The carts are all equipped with 250 mm fixed casters to make it easier to move the carts manually. The carts are also equipped with a fixed brake pedal (scroll down to the end of page to see this function) that allows the pedal to always point towards the operator, no matter what direction the wheel itself points. 

The carts are also equipped with mounting brackets for the unique removable handle bars designed by FlexQube.

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