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21 January 2016

FlexQube Inc. receives an order for 82 carts to Autoliv in Mexico

Hector Flores

Hector Flores

Regional Sales Manager Mexico North

FlexQube Inc. receives an order for 82 carts to Autoliv in Mexico

FlexQube has received an order for a total of 82 carts and dollies to Autoliv in Mexico. The order consists of several different cart types, both more standard tugger carts, 48×45 inch and 33×33 inch but also more special carts like the two different versions of what we call “4 in 1” carts below. The first one is a cart that holds small dollies with stacked totes. Two small dollies are placed on each side of the mother cart and the totes are held in place using a seat belt design.

See below for some more pictures of the cart types in this order.

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