12 February 2016

DesignOnDemand: Create carts live together with our experienced designers – Free of charge!

Per Augustsson

Per Augustsson


DesignOnDemand: Create carts live together with our experienced designers – Free of charge!

CTO Letter, February 11, 2016

DesignOnDemand: Create carts live together with our experienced designers – Free of charge!

Our designers have created hundreds of solutions for customers all around the world. This means that we have gathered a huge amount of knowledge related to the cart design process. You can take advantage of this and schedule a web based live design session together with a FlexQube designer. Based on your input we will come up with a cart proposal directly during the meeting. You will receive cad files, photorealistic renderings and even a budget quote for the designed solution right after the meeting. It doesn’t get any more efficient than that, and the lead time from idea to finalized cart has never been shorter! It really demonstrates the benefits of designing carts with standardized building blocks, which is the core in the FlexQube® concept.

FlexQube DesignOnDemand meetingLive design together with an automotive customer in the US.

Last week FlexQube had a very successful DesignOnDemand session with a company within the automotive industry. The customer provided some pictures that was presented during the meeting, and after some discussions of requirements, the cart design was completed in less than 30 minutes. The cart had a footprint of 1050×700 mm, and was equipped with a raised platform with load capacity of 500 kg/1100 lbs. Also a removable handle was added for ergonomic handling of the cart. A price estimation was was provided during the meeting.

Before the meeting we recommend you visit our web page and check out our Solutions Library™ . Any idea or reference will help our designers to do a great design that will meet your needs. Photos and sketches are also great input during the meeting.

FlexQube small pallet cart

This cart was the output from one of our most recent live design meetings. In co-operation with the customer, the design was created in less than 30 minutes during the meeting.

This type of meeting is also a very good way to involve the complete team in the cart design process. Most likely, you and your team members are the ones that knows the requirements the best.

This is a quick, efficient and entertaining way to transform your ideas into a real cart design!

Qube it!™

Per Augustsson, CTO, FlexQube 

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