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1 March 2019

Tugger Train Carts

Anders Fogelberg

Anders Fogelberg


Pallet Tugger Carts

Last Modified: 19.03.2020

Flat deck tugger carts for transporting containers and pallets are the most common application when transferring from a forklift focused supply of material to the assembly and production lines.

Transitioning to tugger train routes with several carts connected in a train is the most common first step when moving from fork trucks. Every year almost 100 employees are killed in forklift-related accidents. Keep them safe by switching to the FlexQube forklift-free initiative.

Below we have gathered our most common and best-selling versions of industrial carts with or without steel deck and for many different sized standard containers, like 48″ containers or gaylord containers, 48 by 40-inch containers or EUR pallets in size 1200 x 800 mm.

FlexQube also integrates with mother-daughter solutions, e.g. the Liftrunner system by STILL.

Best-selling versions of our tugger carts

1. Flat deck industrial tugger cart 50 x 50 inch for 48 by 48 inch or 48 by 40-inch containers or smaller.

This cart carries up to 2000 lbs. and is equipped with a foot release tow bar, handlebar, and with a floor lock brake and six heavy-duty 200 mm (8 inches) polyurethane casters where the fixed casters are in the center of the cart to achieve the best tracking behind the tugger.

This cart is also available with drop pin hitch, find it here. Customer references for this cart are found at many locations in Canada, USA, and Mexico.

Tugger Cart

Watch a video from a customer who uses more than 125 carts of this type.

2. EUR pallet cart or trolley for 1200 x 800 mm pallets or Volvo pallets (1225 x 820 mm) with handlebar and wire release tow bar.

This cart carries up to 1200 lbs./550 kg and it has four casters in a diamond setup where fixed casters are positioned in the center of the cart and one swivel caster (crazy wheel as some call them) in each short end of the cart. The EUR pallet trolley has a floor lock brake.

What’s unique about this tugger train cart is the release and coupling function of the hitch where it can be disconnected by pulling a lever on the handlebar (the trigger handle). By doing so the tow bar is disconnected from the cart in front of it without having the operator bend down to release it. This has a positive effect on both the ergonomics for the operator but also the time it takes to connect and disconnect carts.

FlexQube Material Handling Euro pallet tugger cart

Watch a video of this application in use at a customer who has more than 800 carts of this type in use.

3. 48 x 40-inch steel deck cart with a removable handlebar, tow bar, and floor lock brake. 

This container cart for tugger train applications in a size that is perfect for 48-inch x 40-inch standard containers, has a removable handlebar.

FlexQube pallet cart with flat deck

4. Low rider flat deck cart for containers with smaller casters and integrated platform to achieve lowest possible height of cart.

This cart is equipped with six 125 mm (5 inches) casters integrated onto the steel deck platform in order to keep the container as close to the floor as possible. The lip on the tow bar is modular which makes it possible to adjust the size of the hole for the type of tugger you are using. The hitch is a drop pin type, spring-loaded, for convenient coupling and decoupling of carts. The cart is rated at 1000 lbs./450 kg capacity and Draexlmaier in South Carolina, USA have almost 200 units of this cart in use.

Flat deck low rider tugger cart by FlexQube

5. Tugger cart for containers without steel deck.

Frame built by FlexQube standard components and six caster setup for optimal tracking in tugger train. Optimal for container sizes 48 by 45 inches. Possible to add a steel deck to the cart. Autoliv in Mexico has a lot of these carts in use.

tugger cart without top deck by FlexQube

In our Solutions Library™ you will find all of our tugger carts in different sizes and shapes. FlexQube carts can be used in a regular tugger train to haul material around your plant. The carts are modular and equipped with tongue and hitch. Load capacity is great and they are silent and easy to move manually as well.


Since this article was published FlexQube has been able to develop a lot more easy to use tugger cart designs. We have seen many organizations begin to see the benefits of switching to a tugger cart system and the movement towards a flexible tugger cart solution has well and truly begun. The impacts on efficiency & safety have become too much for companies to ignore. The convenience of using these flat deck tugger carts in your material handling surpasses much other material handling tools, such as forklifts and manual material handling. Our tugger carts are typically used in factories & plants from a wide range of industries, from automotive to consumer product manufacturing to great success in improved efficiency & safety. We have updated the ergonomics of many of our handler bars & tow bars, making the FlexQube tugger carts an even better choice. View our newest tugger cart designs. 

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