20 December 2017

These 3 Material Handling Carts Were Our Customers Favourites of 2017

These 3 Material Handling Carts Were Our Customers Favourites of 2017

Now that 2017 is coming to a close its time for us to look back on what has been a successful year for the team at FlexQube. We have been able to accomplish many breakthroughs along the way but the biggest breakthrough we have achieved is being able to continuously fulfill our customers’ needs and their satisfaction with our designs and products. It only motivates members of our team when we receive happy feedback from our customers. Feedback ranging from how well the carts are performing, to the high level of material handling knowledge our employees have or even just that our carts look great in their facilities! This only makes us want to go out and make 2018 an even better year than in 2017 for our customers!

In saying this we wanted to showcase the 3 carts that were some of our customers’ favorites this year. We know that these carts are simply designed, but that’s what makes the FlexQube concept so great! Our customers know at any time they can take a “simply designed” cart and add to it as they need, the power of choice and flexibility is very liberating for our customers (especially in what is a constantly flexible & changing industry).

These were our customers favourite three carts of 2017:

1. 49 x46 Inch Low Rider Tugger Cart – Q-100-0074

This tugger cart is perfect for transporting material handling containers within a tugger train system. It is a low rider which means this cart is optimal for transporting tall pallets or stacking alot of boxes while still having good ergonomics. The drop pin and hitch tow bar is great for ergonomically adding to or removing the cart from the train system. It also comes with an added handle bar and floor lock brake.

Low rider material handling tugger cart by FlexQube

2. 55 x 41 Inch Tuggable Flat Shelf Cart –  Q-100-0085

This tuggable flat shelf cart is ideal if you are looking at transporting heavy totes, bins and boxes. It is equipped with a drop pin tow bar, this allows this to be added to any tugger train system. The edges of the shelves don’t actually come with any edges to the shelves as the FlexTubes are able to keep the load on the shelves. However, if an edge to the shelf is needed (or you need a longer edge) the shelves can be reversed 180 degrees and will now have a 1.5 inch edge. The shelf heights can also be adjusted within intervals of 70mm as well which provides a great range of customisability, this amount of flexibility has caused this shelf cart to become a customer favourite in 2017.

Modular shelf cart with three shelves by FlexQube

3. 48 x 45 Inch Flatbed Cart – Q-100-0715

This flatbed cart is excellent for moving large & heavy duty containers or pallets. It comes equipped with a drop pin & hitch tow bar to make it easy to add to or remove from your tugger train system. This cart also comes equipped with a floor lock brake and handle bar for manual transportation.

FlexQube 50 x 50 inch tugger cart with handlebar

These 3 carts (Tugger Cart, Flatbed Cart & Tuggable Sehlf Cart) have been our customers’ favorites of 2017. These carts have been edited and customised by a few of our customers throughout the year, however, it is these 3 base carts that have been a continued favorite. While many customers & facilities have unique needs, it is the simple solutions which generally provide much of the value in 2017. We look forward to creating new favorites for our customers in 2018 and we wish everyone a happy & safe Christmas from the FlexQube team.

If you’re looking for a similar solution, contact us at sales@flexqube.com

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