18 June 2020

FlexQubes Top Shelf Carts for Smaller Materials

Andy Legut

Andy Legut

Sales Manager US Midwest & Canada

FlexQubes Top Shelf Carts for Smaller Materials

Moving materials is an important process within many warehouses, distribution centers, and factories around the world.

The size and shape of these materials vary greatly, depending on the type of industry each organization is located in. Materials can range from standard pallet and container sizes to odd-shaped parts and tools, all the way to food and other perishable items.

FlexQube has designed over 3000 material handling cart solutions that all aid in the transportation or presentation of different types of materials. These designs can be found within our Solutions Library. Many of these cart designs can be used to improve the efficiency of transporting smaller materials within your facility. Included in these designs are a wide variety of shelf carts that have been used within kitting carts as well as transporting smaller materials. In this post, we will outline our top-shelf carts for transporting smaller materials.

Shelf Cart - 830 x 420 mm

Shelf Cart – 830 x 420 mm – Q-100-0792

This custom designed smaller shelf cart is ideal for transporting for smaller materials. It had been designed to transport smaller plastic bins and boxes more efficiently. It had been designed to have holes in the shelves and the cart to reduce the overall weight of the cart. This makes it easier for the operators to handle and increases the lifespan of the cart. As with most of FlexQube’s carts you can easily adjust the height of the shelves to match the materials you need to be transported. There are also handles attached to either side of the cart to make it easier for the operators and assemblers to grip and maneuver.

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Flow Shelf Cart - 910 x 770 mm

Flow Shelf Cart – 910 x 770 mm – Q-100-0581

This smaller shelf cart was designed to improve the material presentation to operators along the assembly line. It comes with removable shelves, which means the assemblers and operators can leave the materials on the shelf and remove the shelf from the cart. In this particular case, it makes it easier and more efficient when it came to assembling the goods. This shelf flow shelf cart can also hold smaller bins and totes if needed. Due to the FlexQube system, it can have a tow bar attached to its base frame so it can be transported in a tugger train system. Because of the flow shelves, this cart is extremely flexible in how you want to set-up the shelves for the operators/assemblers.

Small Shelf Cart

Shelf Cart – 420 x 630 mm – Q-100-3480

This small shelf cart was designed to hold smaller materials and tools. This cart made it easier for the operators and assemblers to organize, store, and access their tools and materials. It comes with a top shelf and a lower shelf, both with raised lips for keeping the materials in place. The best use of this shelf cart is to keep it stored close to the operators along the assembly line.

Flat Shelf Tugger Cart - 630 x 420 mm

Flat Shelf Tugger Cart – 630 x 420 mm – Q-100-0958

This flat shelf tugger cart was designed to transport totes, bins, and boxes in a more efficient manner. The 2 shelves both have raised lips that keep the bins and boxes secured in place while being transported. The tow bar makes it possible for this cart to towed and placed within a tugger train system.

Flat Shelf Cart

Flat Shelf Cart – 490 x 1190 mm – Q-100-3261

This small and narrow flat shelf cart is perfect for improving the transportation of bins and boxes. It comes with three flat shelves, and all of these can have their height adjusted based on your materials. This cart can also be used as a daughter cart within a mother-daughter system. It comes equipped with four high-quality polyurethane casters for easier tracking and reduced noise pollution. It also comes with a floor lock brake to keep the cart secure when not in use.

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