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11 June 2020

FlexQube Employee Portrait: Tim

Sandra Strindeborn

Sandra Strindeborn

HR Business Partner

FlexQube UK Sales manager Tim Massey

Meet Tim, a member of the FlexQube family since April 2019, and our Sales Manager in the UK.

He has several years of experience within technical sales, and when he’s not traveling visiting customers, he’s working from his office at home.

Can you tell us how your FlexQube journey started?

It all began when Anders (CEO) approached me in 2018. We started to have different conversations since he liked my background in the industry. Later, he told me that FlexQube was launching in the UK, and he wanted me to join the FlexQube Family and be our first employee in the UK. We both thought I was a natural fit since I understand the purpose of the products, had experience from the market, and was working with similar customers at the time. I thought the products were exciting, and it felt like an excellent opportunity for me.

What are you doing each day?

During a typical week, I want to visit as many sites as possible. I love that. I meet and speak to potential and existing customers about our products. It’s my job to understand what they want to achieve and how our products can help them. I often advise on how I think they could improve their processes, whether it is with our products or not. If I’m not visiting sites, I’m working from home with prospecting, customer support, designs, and quotes. I have a lot of contact with our operations team in Sweden and India, and some follow up and workshops with the sales team. It is a good mix and match of work tasks.

Is there something you wished you knew before you started?

I don’t think so. I had some contact with Anders before I even knew that FlexQube wanted to hire in the UK, so I had some knowledge about the company and products before I started. I’m working alone in the UK, which I knew as well, so that was no surprise. It’s always interesting to join a new company and learn more about their way of working.

Have you surprised yourself during your journey at FlexQube?

Maybe not surprised myself, but the most significant difference for me (comparing to my earlier job) is the technology focus I get from our launch of the eQart. Going into the world of automation means that we must learn very quickly through daily analysis of the product and our market.

We often promote learning as one of our most significant benefits. Have you learned something new?  

I’m learning every day. We are a fast-growing and developing company, we must learn every day, both from our mistakes and from others.

As you mentioned, we have grown a lot in the last couple of years. Did you think something was going to happen since you started – but it did not?

Nothing with FlexQube as a company, maybe I haven’t been here long enough yet. In my daily work, I knew what kind of key people I need to have contact with to be successful, and I’m getting there. I think my experience is valuable in my sales work. I know what kind of customers and stakeholders I need to close my deals.

How would you describe our culture at FlexQube?

A young company, both in personnel and history, I think I’m the oldest person within the company? I like that we have a young history, it creates a very enthusiastic culture. People are working hard, and the love for our products is strong. We are a friendly group of people, and I got the chance to visit HQ a couple of times since my start, which has been great.

We are a small, but global company. Have you learned something new about another country’s culture that you did not know before?

I would like to describe myself (and the UK citizens) as sarcastic, and we are good at generalizing others. I have noticed that not all countries are the same. It’s a big difference between northern and southern Europe. I think we in the UK are more like Americans; if we want something, we find a way to do it. The Swedes are more like they want to check in all boxes if they have an idea. If they don’t have all the information they need, it’s not going to happen. But northern Europe is more effective than I thought, but the Germans really like their paperwork. We have found common humor among each other.

If you would compare our culture to a celebrity, who would you pick and why?

Oh, come on, bloody hell. That is a question from Luke (CMO), right? He always has his funny questions. I don’t know. But I think that we should big up Sweden a little bit. In the UK, Swedes have an excellent reputation for quality and are reliable. We should use that more in our marketing and culture. So, no celebrity association but Sweden as a country and their reputation about quality and innovation are describing FlexQube’s culture well.

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