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25 July 2018

FlexQube’s Top 5 Kit-Carts

Material handling kit cart with tow bar and forklift pockets by FlexQube

FlexQube's Top 5 Kit-Carts

The FlexQube design and concept favours creating kit-carts and our designers take a lot of joy in creating new and interesting carts. We have been able to help many customers with how they assemble and present their materials by helping them take advantage of our flexible system. Our cart designs can be separated into 2 different categories, material presentation and material transportation.

Kitting comes under the material presentation side of our carts. It is the process of collecting different materials and components and placing them in a “kit”, which would be one of our kit-carts. These kit-carts are then placed along the assembly line where operators can more efficiently access the variety of parts and components.

Below we have outlined FlexQube’s top 5 kit-carts.

Material handling kit cart with tow bar and forklift pockets by FlexQube

70 x 41 Inch Kit-Cart – Q-100-0650

This large kit-cart is used to presenting and transporting heavy duty materials. This cart is equipped with a drop pin and hitch tow bar, so it doesn’t have to be used for purely material presentation. It can be towed within a tugger train set-up directly to the assembly line. This cart is equipped with reinforced steel hangers, which are designed for placing heavy hanging components. It also comes with 4 flat shelves on the right hand side of the cart, for placing bins, totes and boxes. 

Bin kit cart and flow shelves by FlexQube

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Line Side Flow Shelf Rack – Q-100-0457

This shelf cart is designed for being placed right at the assembly line with the operator. It is equipped with dividers for sliding bins, totes and boxes in and it works as a flow shelf. The two top shelves are angled towards the the operator making it easier to access the materials and the bottom shelf is facing away, making it easier for replacement. This cart comes equipped with two handles for manual pushing from the warehouse to the assembly line. 

Industrial windshield cart with handlebar by FlexQube


91 x 69 Inch Windshield Cart – Q-100-0661

This cart was originally designed for transporting windshields from the warehouse to the assembly line. However this cart can also be used for transporting oversized panels to the assembly line. It is equipped with an ergonomic handlebar to make it easier for the operator to push the cart and materials and a floor lock brake to secure the cart and materials in place. 

Tool cart with telescopic shelves by FlexQube

Tool Cart with Telescopic Shelves – Q-100-0026

This tool cart is ideal for the assembly line. The telescopic shelves make it very easy and efficient to get to the tools and materials which can help eliminate “search time” along the production line. This cart is also equipped with a floor lock brake so it can be secured in place. This cart can also have a shadow board added to the top structure, from which tools can be hung. 

Industrial tube cart with handles by FlexQube

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1960 x 910 MM Tube Cart – Q-100-1157

This 1960 x 910 mm tube cart is another example of how flexible you can be with the FlexQube concept. This cart is designed to easily present different hanging materials and tubes. It is equipped with 2 polyamide casters with attached brakes to secure the cart in place and 2 fixed polyamide casters. It is comes with a handle bar to make it easier transport around the assembly line. 

Using kit-carts can provide quite a few advtanges to your facility and operators. Obviously, the more customized your carts are to your working methods and your materials the more efficent your worklfow and processes will be. Using kit-carts as one of your main material feeding workflows reduces the time operators and handlers with spend looking for materials and components. However the biggest advantage many of our customers see when turning towards kit-carts is the amount of space that can be saved along the assembly line. Using kit-carts eliminates having assemblers boxed in by parts and components. Combining kit-carts with a just in time means your assemblers will be delivered what they need, when they need it, which obviously makes for a very efficient system. 

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