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21 August 2018

FlexQube welcomes the newest member of our German division!

Christoph Stangl

Christoph Stangl

Development Manager - eQart

eQart design manager Christoph Stangl

FlexQube welcomes the newest member of our German division!

FlexQube is thrilled to annouce the newst arrival to the quickly growing German FlexQube team, Christoph Stangl! Christoph has joined us as our German Design Manager and will be working closely alongside our German sales manager Jan Brettmann. 

Christoph comes to FlexQube after spending time as a consultant alongside one of the largest global automotive manufacturers. He has proven experience in Solidworks, CAD, InDesign as well as a number of other software systems. Christoph comes to us with a Bachelor of engineering in Mechatronics as well as a Master of Science in Product Development. Since joining the team Christoph has already been able to demonstrate his expertise when it comes developing products, creating new solutions and working with design programs. So far his integration with the rest of the design department has been excellent and we look forward to setting up Christoph as our head design manager for the DACH region. 

We were able to ask Christoph some quick questions about what he hopes to achieve with us here at FlexQube. 

What do you think you will be able to bring to the FlexQube team as a whole?

I hope that I can help out within all departments, but I really look forward to creating some new designs for our customers within the DACH region. I’m hoping the experience I have had working alongside a large automotive manufacturer and my degree in mechatronics, helps me bring some fresh product ideas and extensions. 

What do you think about the FlexQube product/concept?

I think it has a very modular approach and is finalized with custom build parts and attachment possibilities. The modularity combined with the strength of the design I think can provide quite alot of value to the customers when designers and customers are able to work together to find a solution to the problem. 

What do you think you will be able to bring to our German customers?

For our German customers I can offer a pragmatic approach, with fast, reliable designs and an innovative solution for their material handling problems. 

We look forward to seeing the results Christoph can bring to the FlexQube team. Feel free to reach out to Christoph at [email protected]


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