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4 July 2018

Intra-Logistics Latin America Wrap-Up

Hector Flores

Hector Flores

Regional Sales Manager Mexico North

FlexQube booth at Intralogistics Latin America

Last week FlexQube showcased at Intra-Logistics Latin America in Mexico City from the 26th to the 28th of June and what a great experience it was for our team. We had our Mexico Sales Manager, Hector Flores, and one of our design engineers Cinthia Gutierrez representing FlexQube at the trade show and we were very happy to have the both of them there! It was Cinthia’s first time representing FlexQube at a trade show, so its safe to say she was extremely excited for the event!

This was FlexQube’s first time having a booth at Intra-Logistics Latin America and we are thrilled with the results so far. Mexico is increasingly becoming a key market for FlexQube as we are beginning to strengthen our ties within the area and are seeing more orders coming through from a variety of customers.

So for us to have a booth at this event was very important for FlexQube and to our customers. Throughout the three days, Hector, was able to book many existing contacts in for meetings during the trade show and this is important to help the customers that don’t already have any FlexQube carts, to get up close to our carts and get a feel for the robustness and see the modularity the FlexQube concept offers.

Many of the attendees that hadn’t previously booked meetings with FlexQube, hadn’t seen or head of the FlexQube concept before, however once seeing the carts and understanding the concept, they showed quite alot of interest. After seeing the flexibility in the FlexQube solutions from all of the images of different solutions we have previously created for customers, many attendess began using their own imagination to create a FlexQube design that could help them in their heads. This is how we envision the FlexQube concept to be used! Not all of our customers, will need the same solutions and we encourage our customers to let their materials and internal processes dictate the type of carts and solutions they need to be created.

We were very happy with the trade show and we would really like to thank Hector and Cinthia for all of their work and the enthusiasm that they showed, not only during the show, but also in the preparation stages leading up to Intra Logistics Latin America.

FlexQube Mexico sales manager Hector Flores wth FlexQube logo

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