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Transfer Kit Cart

Specially made ransfer kit cart for delivering materials.

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Transfer Kit Cart

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Boost Efficiency
Heavy-duty & modular
Technical specifications
Transportation method Manual
Industry Automotive, Commercial Vehicles, Tier One Suppliers
Length 45 inch
Width 39 inch
Height 43 inch
Load capacity 397 lbs
Caster size 8 inch
Type of tow bar Both side Tongue type
Parts included
FlexQube 4 Q-001-1078
FlexPlate™ 47 Q-002-1001
Flexplate™ M10 8 Q-002-1162
FlexPlate™ half 8 Q-002-1369
L Bracket Joint 6 Q-005-0031
Rubber Strip left 1 Q-005-0328
Spring tow bar 2 Q-005-0450
M5 Locking Nut 8 Q-006-1021
Locking Nut M14 4 Q-006-1039
Locking Nut M10 105 Q-006-1042
Washer M10 4 Q-006-1043
Locking Nut M6 32 Q-006-1050
M6 Washer 4 Q-006-1076
Locking Nut M8 33 Q-006-1181
M20 Locking Nut 2 Q-006-1405
Hinge attachment 2 Q-017-0035
Towbar Hinge 2 Q-017-0036
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This transfer kit cart was custom made with roller tracks to deliver materials to a receiving kit cart (Q-100-0494). This cart is equipped with a small handlebar for easier pushing. It also has a drop pin and hitch tow bar attached to the cart for transportation within a tugger train system.

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