18 December 2020

Synertech USA becomes FlexQube distribution partner in the USA.

Olof Brown

Olof Brown

Dealer Sales Engineer

FlexQube Dealer in USA

FlexQube is excited to announce that we have agreed with a dealer in the USA, Synertech USA. Synertech is based out of Utah and compliments FlexQube’s existing sales team and manufacturing center located in the USA’s eastern states. FlexQube had begun looking for new distribution partners on a global level earlier in 2020, and discussions with Synertech began throughout the Summer.

Synertech has experience in providing automation solutions and integrations into manufacturing facilities and distribution centers throughout Utah and saw the eQart as an ideal complement to their product range. Being able to offer their customers both the FlexQube concept and the automated eQart gives Synertech a flexible and modular automation solution that they couldn’t find elsewhere.

Having Synertech located in Utah gives FlexQube a presence closer to the USA’s west coast and provides existing and future customers in the area someone to turn to when needed.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments, “It’s exciting that we can add a tech and automation focused distribution partner in the USA. The USA is where we see the potential for most growth and where the eQart can help many customers. We are delighted to have Synertech jump on board and join us on this journey”.

FlexQube looks forward to growing alongside Synertech and is happy to welcome them on board as a new partner and our first in the USA.

You can get in contact with Synertech through their website, http://www.synertechusa.com/

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