4 January 2021

Metallics Casanova Becomes Dealer of the FlexQube Concept and eQart Range in Spain

Luke Goodwin

Luke Goodwin


Metallics Casanova Becomes Dealer of the FlexQube Concept and eQart Range in Spain

FlexQube is happy to announce that we have come to a dealer agreement with Metallics Casanova based in Spain. We first began contact with Metallics Casanova towards the end of the Summer period in 2020. From our first meeting, both parties realized that there were mutual benefits to us having a partnership, and negotiations began.

Metallics Casanova has a number of similar customers to FlexQube and operates within the Automotive industries, which the FlexQube concept has proven successful in.
FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg “Metallics Casanova has a proven track record with some of the largest automotive manufacturers in the EU. FlexQube has a history of success with similar manufacturers and I’m very pleased that Metallics Casanova saw the benefits that our concept could provide to their customer base. I cannot wait to see how our partnership will continue to grow heading into 2021”.

Metallics Casanova will offer both the FlexQube concept and the eQart range within their region. We look forward to working alongside Metallics Casanova.

If you would like to get in contact with Metallics Casanova you can visit their website, https://m-casanova.com/


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