17 December 2020

Euroart Becomes Official Dealer of FlexQube Products in Romania

Luke Goodwin

Luke Goodwin


This is our second European company to come on board as a dealer for FlexQube since August 2020.

After meeting Euroart, there was an overlap between the customer bases that FlexQube already had in other locations and Euroarts customer base in Romania. Euroart will be able to offer their customers both the mechanical concept from FlexQube as well as the eQart range.

Romania has never been a focus market for FlexQube. Still, we have had contact with Euroart since back at the beginning of 2017, so we were aware that it was a market saturated with manufacturing facilities.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments, “It’s very pleasing to see that we continue to see traction with companies and markets on a global level. After having contact with Euroart back in 2017, it is great we can finally create a partnership which I believe will be successful for both parties”.

FlexQube looks forward to working alongside Euroart and expanding the FlexQube brand and products further throughout the EU.

You can get in contact with Euro-Art through their website, https://euro-art.ro/

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