24 October 2019

FlexQube receives two new orders from Mann+Hummel

Anders Fogelberg

Anders Fogelberg


End Cap Kit Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm

FlexQube has received two new orders from Mann+Hummel worth about 2 million SEK ($210 000). One of the orders is a follow-up order, from a previous significant order involving Liftrunner frames and trolleys, in the USA for kit-carts and roller carts, both of which fit into the Liftrunner B-frame.

The second order is from a Mann+Hummel facility in Queretaro, Mexico, which placed an order for pallet carts to go along with the Liftrunner B-Frames.

Anders Fogelberg, CEO at FlexQube comments on the project “The key to winning these kinds of projects where the customers seek to transform the material flow operations on a global scale is the relationship we have with LR intralogistik and our distribution of Liftrunner frames in North America.

The investment in robust, durable yet flexible trolleys by the FlexQube concept combined with the state of the art tugger train system, the Liftrunner will significantly improve the work environment for Mann+Hummel as the number of forklifts in operator areas will be heavily reduced or eliminated all together.

In addition, the material flow inside the plants will be more reliable and efficient.”

The carts in these orders are listed below:

The carts

End Cap Kit Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm

End Cap Kit Cart – 1260 x 1260mm  Q-100-2376

This custom-designed kit cart was designed to improve the transportation of heavy steel reels internally. The cart can be pushed manually using the ergonomic handlebar or it can be transported via the Liftrunner B-frame. It comes equipped with four nylon swivel casters and the placement of the hangers can be easily adjusted using the flexible FlexQube concept.

Flow Rack Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm

Flow Rack Cart – 1260 x 1260mm Q-100-2382

This flow rack cart was designed to improve the transportation of small bins and boxes. It comes equipped with two small handles for easier manual handling but is designed to be transported within the Liftrunner B-frame system. The height of the shelves can be easily adjusted based on the size of the materials that need to be transported.

Pallet Cart - 1260 x 1260 mm

Pallet Cart – 1260 x 1260mm Q-100-2338

This pallet cart is a standard design for transporting heavy pallets and containers. It comes without a steel flat deck, but this can be easily added on, you can find the steel flat deck version here (Q-100-2339). There is also an ergonomic handlebar for easier manual handling. The angled corner guides make it easier to load and unload pallets and containers from the cart.

LiftRunner® B- Frame EUR Size

Liftrunner B-Frame US Size Q-050-1010

The LiftRunner B-Frame is part of the premier Liftrunner tugger train system. The B-frame, in particular, gives the operators a greater amount of flexibility because of the ability to load and unload from either size. When carts are used alongside this system the casters are raised from the ground saving a lot of wear and tear on the casters.

FlexQube is the sole supplier of Liftrunner frames within North America and the system provides an ideal tugger train system to match our flexible cart concept. FlexQube has implemented the Liftrunner frames alongside our customizable carts in many facilities throughout North America & Europe.

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