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20 March 2019

FlexQube Inc. & LR Intralogistik GmbH becomes partners in selling the LiftRunner Frames in North America

FlexQUbe CEO with Liftrunner CEO

This week FlexQube Inc., and LR Intralogistik GmbH entered into an exclusive seller’s agreement for LR Intralogistik’s popular products to Mexico, USA and Canada. This gives FlexQube exclusive rights to the import and re-sell of LiftRunner® products. This allows us the opportunity to sell a full tugger train solution for our customers, selling our modular carts and the LiftRunner tugger train frames side by side.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg states “Being able to provide our customers in the North American markets with a full tugger train solution lets us help our customers with a full package. We have worked in the past alongside LR Intralogistik and their LiftRunner frames, and we have seen the quality and value of their frames benefit a number of our customers. So now combining this with our modular material handling concept is a fantastic step for FlexQube, LR Intralogistik and our customers in North America”.

FlexQube pallet cart with Liftrunner system

LR Intralogistik GmbH is the manufacturer of the LiftRunner frames, which are a complete tugger train system. The patented trolley removal system is a world-class product which gives the user ease of use and the lowest rolling resistance in the industry. There are some different frames and trolleys on offer from LiftRunner® can match any customers needs.

FlexQube & LR Intralogistik GmbH worked together in 2018 to deliver over 1200 carts and an installation of a LiftRunner tugger train system to Volvo Cars USA.

The LiftRunner Frames

The different frames can be connected to match the needs of your material handling. So each of these frames can be connected as needed, and different size materials can all be transported on the tugger train.

LiftRunner B-Frame

The LiftRunner B-Frame is all about flexibility. This frame allows the operator to load and unload from both sides which makes it much easier when planning the routes within your facility. These frames are also able to operate quietly and have low wear-and-tear on the trolleys/carts as they are raised off the ground during transportation. This frame provides a straight forward and easy-to-use trolley de-coupling system. This dramatically improves safety standards and makes it much easier for the operators to handle the carts.

The B-Frame is an ideal solution for an easy to use tugger train that creates a safer and more efficient working environment.


Liftrunner c-frame

LiftRunner C- Frame

The LiftRunner C-Frame is all about increased capacity while providing many of the benefits of other solutions. This frame can be used both indoors and outdoors and is ideal for transportation of larger heavy duty materials. Once again this frame provides excellent tracking & driveability. It also is a sturdy frame and has excellent directional stability, which offers a high level of safety for the operators. Within this frame, the carts/trolleys are also raised up off the ground during transportation, which leads to less wear-and-tear on the carts, as well as a quieter operation. There is also an automatic safety back-up when sliding the trolleys into the frame.

liftrunner e frame

LiftRunner E-Frame

The E-Frame is used for transporting lighter materials when compared to the C-Frame, but can still have a high load capacity when compared to other solutions on the market. This frame can be loaded from either the left or the right, depending on how the train is parked. This frame once again offers excellent driveability, stability and tracking during its journey in a tugger train. As with both the C-frame and the B-frame, the carts are also raised off the ground when being transported. This leads to less wear and tear on your trolleys/carts.  This frame also comes with an automatic safety back-up when sliding the trolleys in.

Combining the LiftRunner frames with our flexible concept will provide much value for our existing customers within the North American markets. Our carts and trolleys can be customized with any top structure, designed to match the materials of our customers. Using these carts alongside LiftRunners mother-daughter frames is a great way to improve safety, ergonomics and efficiency within your facility.

If you are looking for a Tugger Train System for your operations, contact us at

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