17 September 2020

FlexQube and Intralogix begin a distribution partnership in Poland

Luke Goodwin

Luke Goodwin


FlexQube is excited to announce that we have agreed to a distribution partnership with Poland based Intralogix. FlexQube has begun looking for distributor partnerships on a global scale since and had been in discussions with Intralogix for several months. This is aligned with our goal of ensuring that we can serve the global customer base with FlexQube products.

Poland has a history of a manufacturing hub for the rest of Europe, with many large OEMs and tier-one suppliers having primary operations. Developing this partnership with Intralogix gives us the chance to access these manufacturing facilities and showcase the eQart and the mechanical concept in a way we haven’t been able to before.

Intralogix and FlexQube began their discussions when it became apparent that the FlexQube concept was the easiest and most reliable way to create flexible material handling carts, which is becoming a growing demand within the market.

FlexQube CEO Anders Fogelberg comments, “Expanding our distributor network to Poland was an obvious step for us. After several meetings with Intralogix, we felt secure that their network and expertise would be the ideal match for FlexQube and our concept”.

Intralogix has been on the Polish market since 2003, initially offering accessories for forklifts within manufacturing and distribution facilities. However, they have developed into a technical solution and consultancy company within logistics and intralogistics.

FlexQube looks forward to growing within the Polish market and are confident that Intralogix will lead the way.

You can get in contact with Intralogix through their website, www.intralogix.com

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