8 December 2017

11 FlexQube Designs That Have Made Life Easier For Our Customers This Fall

As 2017 slowly comes to an end, we have been working on fulfilling some orders before the end of the year. It’s that time of the month again to update you all with some of the fantastic designs & solutions we will be shipping out before the end of the year. We have been lucking enough to ship out some sturdy industrial push carts, tugger carts, custom racks, shelf carts & kit carts.

Industrial Push Cart – Q-100-0929

This 50x 47-inch industrial push cart was developed to move large containers through a warehouse. It is equipped with a heavy duty flat deck and an ergonomic handle bar for ease of use. You can see in the below video how easily this cart can be turned around and moved.

50 x 47 Inch Industrial Push Cart | FlexQube® from FlexQube on Vimeo.

Tugger Carts

The below tugger carts have a wide variety of uses and each is unique to the materials that it will be moving, ranging in sizes, casters & specifications.

58 x 55 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0998

This cart is ideal for transporting pallets & containers. It is also equipped with fork guides so that it can be raised and lowered using a forklift. It is also equipped with a floor lock brake.

Large industrial container cart with tow bar by FlexQube

33 x 30 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0995

This tugger cart is considerably smaller and will be used by the customer for transporting heavy components stored with bins & totes. Perfect for the common size container 32 x 30 inch in USA. This cart is equipped with a floor lock brake.

Small modular tote dolly with tow bar

36 x 22 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0994

This cart like the one above is a much smaller tugger cart which will be also used for transporting heavy components in totes and boxes. This cart is a perfect example of how well the FlexQube concept can be adapted and is flexible to the materials that you need to transport throughout your facility.

Small modular tote dolly by FlexQube

80 x 50 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0991

This cart is longer and larger and will be used by the customer for transporting larger pallets & containers within the facility. This cart is also equipped with forklift guides so that you will be able to raise or lower the load with a forklift.

Large industrial pallet cart with handlebar and tow bar by FlexQube

27 x 27 Inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0992

This is the smallest square tugger cart we will be shipping by the end of 2017. This will be used to transport smaller totes & boxes. The customer still needed a sturdy solution for this because the components that will be stored within these boxes & totes will be a few hundred kilos.

Small industrial tote dolly with tow bar by FlexQube

91 x 41 Inch Kit Cart – Q-100-0812

This kit cart is used for hanging large heavy components. It is equipped with a handle bar and floor lock brake. This is another example of how flexible and creative our designers can be with helping our customers transport their unique materials.

Modular kit cart with handle bar and floow lock brake by FlexQube

146 x 63 Inch Rack for Wall Panels – Q-100-0810

This large and very custom rack was developed to hold long thin components. The components are placed in between the individual beams to help hold the materials upright. This rack is also equipped with fork guides, so it can be raised, lowered & transported via a forklift.

Industrial rack with hangers by FlexQube

36 x 22 Inch Removable Flow Shelf Cart – Q-100-0547

This small cart is equipped with removable shelves, so it can be adjusted as you please. The shelves have holes added to them, to make them lighter to make it easier for the operator. The shelves can be placed on different levels or they can be removed totally.

FlexQube flow shelf cart

47 x 30 Inch Flow Shelf Cart – Q-100-0476

This shelf cart is equipped with angled shelves that improves ergonomics by allowing better access into the bins & totes. This particular cart is also equipped with two fixed and four swivel casters for improved mobility.

FlexQube kit cart with hangers and flow shelves

61 x 30 Inch Assembly Cart with a Flat Deck – Q-100-0511

This flat shelf cart comes with an added flat top structure to aid with assembly. This flat top structure can be used as a flat desk for assembly. This cart is assembled with four swivel casters and a handlebar.

FlexQube industrial assembly cart

The flexible FlexQube allows plenty of flexibility for you to be able to improve the efficiency & safety of your material handling operations. If you would like to book in for a DesignOnDemand™ session just click here.

If you see a need for any of these solutions in your facility contact us at sales@flexqube.com.

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