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8 July 2016

Scania orders 524 trolleys and 452 sub frames worth 3.5 million SEK

FlexQube small tote dolly

Scania orders 524 trolleys and 452 sub frames worth 3.5 million SEK

FlexQube has received an order from Scania, a major Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles – specifically heavy trucks and buses. The company has more than 44 000 employees and is part of the Volkswagen Group. Scania has placed an order for 524 trolleys and 452 sub frames (see below) to be used at their plant in Oskarshamn, Sweden. The total order value is about 3.5 million SEK, 410 000 USD, split in two different orders. FlexQube has already delivered 308 trolleys and 110 sub frames coming from these orders and today we received the follow up order for the remaining 216 trolleys and 342 sub frames.

Key features

  • All trolleys based on the modular and flexible system from FlexQube
  • All trolleys equipped with 250 mm fixed center casters to improve maneuverability. Swivel casters in the corners. 
  • All trolleys equipped with floor brake on one short end for safe handling
  • All trolleys are equipped with attachments which makes it possible to attach a removable handle bar to them. Scania also ordered 10 removable handle bars to be used with these trolleys. 

[email protected] to learn more or download our company presentation! Watch our CEO Anders Fogelberg demonstrate the system here.

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Below are two examples of trolley and sub frame.

FlexQube small tote dolly
FlexQube pallet top structure