28 June 2016

Newsletter June 23rd 2016

Anders Fogelberg

Anders Fogelberg


Newsletter June 23rd 2016

The modularity combined with great tracking properties and other cart features like tow bar and handlebar, plus a proven history of high performing carts at the customer, generate an order for very large tugger carts from a major manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe. The carts are the longest FlexQube ever designed and delivered. The customer has ordered three different sizes to move material between a warehouse and the production line. The carts will be used both outside and inside.

FlexQube Inc. has received an order for a two-pieced transport cart for very long racks from a new customer in Canada. The order consists of two different carts that together will hold a large rack that weighs up to 2500 Lbs. The front cart has a tow bar and handlebar with floor brake. The carts have integrated casters to reduce the height and bring down the center of gravity.

At the trade show in Munich this week we have shown a cart together with a tug robot from Aethon.

FlexQube Inc. has received an order for stackable carts/racks from a new customer in California. The order consists of two different applications. One cart with a handlebar and two levels with steel deck and one rack with a similar design that will be placed on top of the cart.

Schedule a DesignOnDemand™ session with one of our design engineers and see your application evolve in real-time exactly to your specifications. A quote will come shortly after the meeting. This is a lean process that saves time and money for both you and us.

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