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22 June 2016

The longest carts we’ve ever made

Long FlexQube pallet cart

The longest carts we've ever made

The modularity combined with great tracking properties and other cart features like tow bar and handle bar plus a proven history of high performing carts at the customer generates an order for very large tugger carts from a major manufacturer of heavy trucks in Europe. The carts are the longest FlexQube ever designed and delivered. The customer has ordered three different sizes to move material between a warehouse and the production line. The carts will be used both outside and inside. The order was for a total of 15 carts. 

This cart is a 3850 x 1260 mm (150 x 49 inch) tugger train cart without flat deck for containers.This industrial tugger train cart is equipped heavy duty tow bar and a removable handle bar with a floor brake developed by FlexQube. 100 employees killed by fork-lifts in 2015. Keep them safe by switching to the FlexQube fork-lift free initiative. Click here to download a webinar presentation about fork lift free production.

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Long FlexQube pallet cart
FlexQUbe pallet cart design drawings