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23 November 2017

In The Market For A Heavy Duty Solution? Here Are Our Top 5 Heavy Duty Carts

FlexQube 50 x 50 inch tugger cart

In The Market For A Heavy Duty Solution? Here Are Our Top 5 Heavy Duty Carts

Here at FlexQube we have strived to develop a name for ourselves as being providers of strong, robust & heavy duty material handling carts. Our carts are specifically created with the highest quality steel and the modular concept allows for our carts to have extra reinforcements if needed. Our carts can easily take loads ranging from a few hundred kilos to just over a tonne without putting extra strain on the handler. This has become an important task for us to ensure that our heavy duty carts are designed with the handler in mind at all times.

If you’re in the market for heavy duty carts that don’t add extra strain on the handlers, then scroll through our top 5 most popular heavy duty carts.

1. 50 x 50 Inch Flatbed Cart with Drop Pin & Hitch Tow Bar – Q-100-0112

This 50 x 50 inch flatbed cart is designed with a heavy duty steel flat deck to handle containers it comes with a drop pin & hitch tow bar. This cart is suited to transporting containers.

FlexQube 50 x 50 inch tugger cart

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2. 66 x 33 Inch Flat Shelf Cart – Q-007-1424

This 66 x 33 inch flat shelf cart comes with a tow bar and drop pin hitch, so it can be easily transported through your facility. This cart can be equipped with more or less shelves. 

3 Shelf tugger cart by FlexQube

3. 50 x 28 Cart For Hanging Components – Q-100-0769

This 50 x 28 inch cart has perfectly designed for transporting heavy hanging materials. The black FlexBeams act as added support for the hanging components. A tow bar was also been added to this cart so it can be added to any tugger train system. 

Heavy duty hanging cart by FlexQube

[email protected]4. 50 x 40 inch Tugger Cart – Q-100-0057

This 50 x 40-inch tugger cart comes without a steel flat deck is specially designed for containers with a 1200kg load capacity. It comes with a foot release tow. 

FlexQube tugger cart without steel deck

5. 96 x 50 Inch Pallet Cart – Q-100-0635

This 96 x 50-inch pallet cart is designed to carry large and heavy duty container loads, it is equipped with a drop pin tow bar (but can be modified as needed). 

FlexQube heavy duty pallet cart

The FlexQube modular concept allows us to create some very heavy duty & highly flexible designs for our customers. So if you are looking for a heavy duty & specialized material handling solution make sure to book in for a DesignOnDemand™ session. 

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